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COVID-19 Sucks for everyone... perhaps except me.

I am deemed an essential worker. On the news, all around me, all I get to hear about is the Coronavirus. I have masks, I have gloves, and I have many other socially communicable viruses or disease that I can transmit to those around me if I am not careful. COVID-19 is a bit different in how long and how many people can be infected before you know you are infected. These asymptomatic factors are what make this so dangerous to those who are compromised.

We are taking this seriously, in a very realistic sort of fashion. However our work is varied and our system for filling positions makes for randomized seeding.  Mistakes are possible and there are days when I think we already crossed the line and there is no going back.

We have people who are all around us going off for various reasons. Some are due to 811 mandatory isolation. A few are just germ averse and see an opportunity to get 10 days off with pay. Most are coming to work, ready to work. It is the knowing that when this virus hits…