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Almost a Year in to my Cell plan...

And the no-contract account has hit its first glitch. The phone companies have cried poor and have decided to increase the plan by $10 a month to cover the network upgrade costs... cue the sarcasm... On a positive note, I saved nearly $700 the first year and bought a newish phone for Shauna the cut that amount by a couple hundred.

Have I mentioned I loath telecom companies. Still considering just pretending to live in Manitoba or Sask and port my number and the costs over there...

Other than that, very happy with the new plan.

One Month

Well a vacation, and some minor building has me behind schedule on my muscle up return. No excuses. So as a positive spin on the system. I have 99% finished the home gym. Looking for a white board on the cheap to mount on the wall but we are good to begin home exercising. Just have to build the habit and the times to work out.