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Muscle Up

Getting into shape over the last few years has been rough. I want it, but I don't make time to do it... I never thought this would be me. I have set up my home gym, I have bought into the tracking software. It is time to pull the proverbial trigger.

Here is my problem, if I wake up early I risk waking up the kids. If I work out late I risk waking up the kids. I work from 7am - 4:30pm and I get home about 5:00pm. Dinner is 30 minutes later. The kids are starting to play better by themselves.

Do I just workout in the morning, and hope that the little ones stay asleep? Or do I push through in the evening and risk the same?

Workouts at work are not really an option. What would you do?

I can tell you this, no one company seems to have the market on an all encompassing app,

JEFIT for the workout routine, and measurements.Fat Calipers for measuring skinfolds on ExcelFitbit for measuring food consumption and calories, and alarmsApple Watch for activity tracking, alarms.Social media for pro…