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It's been just over a year....

For those that don't know, I moved with my wife and kids to New Brighton. The neighbourhood is full of kids, and parks, and fields, and amenities. We will even get the c-train pretty soon. Because of security cameras and facebook we also have night prowlers on our social feeds. I must admit the move was wonderful what we gained in late night parking lot scrums, and soccer games, we lost the airplane noise. What I had in backyard garden space, I transfered to open fields.

With one year under out belt, we have had to deal with a broken arm, pink eye, water heater repair, house taxes, consistent house chores, and a fairly relaxing time after the commute home.

So many little things to do or want to do, I am happy with the overall move to this location. Now I just need to have people over more. Reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.

I got a new role, and I love it. Every minute of it. Except for the terminations.

I recently was able to make a move to Vice President of my Local. It meant that with the way in which we are structured I could fill in for a Full-time position in a semi-temporary capacity. In the course of a couple months which have flown by I have seen up close the work of actual practical union work.

On a regular basis, I will sit at my desk and within what seems like moments the day is done. With new hire orientations, disciplines, terminations, funerals, investigations, coalitions, as well as day to day events. I can't explain how incredible it is to feel like I can make positive change and provide defense for the members. There are low points, it comes with a hidden price. You have to see the forest for the trees. As a Job Steward you see the trees for the forest. Personal work relationships that didn't concern themselves with the larger picture are now not my normal. Instead I deal with point of fact clauses, and practices with policies and interpretations. What used t…

Almost a Year in to my Cell plan...

And the no-contract account has hit its first glitch. The phone companies have cried poor and have decided to increase the plan by $10 a month to cover the network upgrade costs... cue the sarcasm... On a positive note, I saved nearly $700 the first year and bought a newish phone for Shauna the cut that amount by a couple hundred.

Have I mentioned I loath telecom companies. Still considering just pretending to live in Manitoba or Sask and port my number and the costs over there...

Other than that, very happy with the new plan.

One Month

Well a vacation, and some minor building has me behind schedule on my muscle up return. No excuses. So as a positive spin on the system. I have 99% finished the home gym. Looking for a white board on the cheap to mount on the wall but we are good to begin home exercising. Just have to build the habit and the times to work out.

Muscle Up

Getting into shape over the last few years has been rough. I want it, but I don't make time to do it... I never thought this would be me. I have set up my home gym, I have bought into the tracking software. It is time to pull the proverbial trigger.

Here is my problem, if I wake up early I risk waking up the kids. If I work out late I risk waking up the kids. I work from 7am - 4:30pm and I get home about 5:00pm. Dinner is 30 minutes later. The kids are starting to play better by themselves.

Do I just workout in the morning, and hope that the little ones stay asleep? Or do I push through in the evening and risk the same?

Workouts at work are not really an option. What would you do?

I can tell you this, no one company seems to have the market on an all encompassing app,

JEFIT for the workout routine, and measurements.Fat Calipers for measuring skinfolds on ExcelFitbit for measuring food consumption and calories, and alarmsApple Watch for activity tracking, alarms.Social media for pro…