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500 subscribers and 100,000 views.

I made a two videos on YouTube that caught fire. Compared to my other videos I would say it was a success. Almost 100,00 views each video. With 500 subscribers. I'll tell you it felt good for a millisecond. Still sounds great.

The video's were not just short clips. My last one was 14 minutes long. I just wanted to say it was a worthwhile project that challenged my brain and satisfied my kitchen needs.

Here it is for the record.

$60 Plan - 10 Gigs, Unlimited Everything else....

I'm back to Y2K with Rogers. I'm one of those customers that chose to stay with one provider for my entire cellular service. It hasn't been easy. When I bought my iPhone 6+ it was with the intention that when  a new plan arrived that was better than the one I was on I would have no ties to Rogers. When that didn't happen it was frustrating to say the least.

I have seen providers offer deals in Provinces that are too good to be true. So good that I was ready to set up a PO box just to qualify for the plan. I even disclosed to Rogers of my intentions so as not to trigger their legal small print on denying service. In these provinces there is competition. A word cell companies haven't had time for.

I have watched as the plan I started with got more expensive, have more fees, and get more frustrating for 20 years. That was until this plan. After calling in unsuccessfully and getting hung up on automatically while on hold I was sure I had missed the deal that Rogers so …