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Cinnamon Rolls and BBQ's

Today is my birthday, and in preparation of May Long weekend I am going to prep sourdough cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. I can't tell you how much joy I get out of baking, it's hard to describe unless you share the same love of cooking. Baking has been on my mind for the last three weeks.

We have a BBQ where I work and yesterday I spend my break cleaning the carbon from it. I was gifted some deer sausage and I will be enjoying it for lunch. I have never used the BBQ in the 6  plus years I have been stationed here. Something inside me has switched on. Perhaps it is the warm weather or maybe it is something else.

We all have hardships, mine as of late have been a realization that I have lost touch with old friends, and the intimacy that can go with it. Perhaps this year I will try to establish a different work/life balance.

What I do know is that for all the negatives I have many more positives in my life, and the balance I may be missing, has been made up for in watch…