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Surprised Yes. Not Afraid. New NDP/WR/PC/LIB/AP Goverment (In that order)

If your interested in how 57% of Albertans voted Click Here

NDP - 54 Seats (Up 49)
WR - 21 Seats (Up 19)
PC - 10 Seats (Down 60)
LIB - 1 Seat (Down 4)
AP - 1 Seat (Up 1)

Clear majority NDP. Likely a coalition swap of power where PC endorse WR values, and LIB/AP allowed to blow in the wind either way on issues that matter to their riding. Which is important because different view points need to be voiced.

Potential By-election in Prentice riding. Seems being on the other side of the legislature isn't what he had planned on committing to. Probably a good thing in the end. I think in some ways he helped by speaking his mind and showing why Parties shouldn't be running politics. A lesson I can only hope the NDP don't also succumb to.

Probably going to see the most interesting form of politics in a long time. A labour minded government. This is going to be an interesting ride. I would like to point out that with 57.01% voter turnout we may have a majority in seats sitting as N…