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Restore CSA

Blind spots. We all have them. If not in our cars while we change lanes, indeed we have them in our lives. In government blind spots exist in plain site. When we are confronted with blind spots, its what we do with the surprise that is important.

We stumble into the blind spots, surprised at first. We take notice, stare briefly, and quickly move forward. Every so often recanting these moments with friends and find that we share similar experiences. The communal feel of this shared moment is liberating.

So it was an interesting reaction I had when I was directed to a website by a small electrical code publisher. A snore of a story ingrained into our everyday lives. Yet the story was much more than I wanted to know, but also it was amazing. The story is a Biblical David vs. Goliath situation, except in this case both parties used to need each other, until one decided they should go beyond their regulatory boundaries.

If you have some time check out the publisher PS Knight Co. and their …