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It's a great time to have a baby in our house.

If you don't know yet I am about to be a father. I'm late in the game compared to my friends. It has turned out to be good for getting hand-me-down stuff. The baby room is almost complete. I am working on some of the shelving in our tiny closet. We are missing a carpet and oddly some little stickers that Ikea provided in their Ribba shelves but don't stock extras in store (a little depressing).

The room itself looks like it was designed with a baby in mind. We have a rocking chair that Mommy rocked in when she was a baby, a crib well used from my brothers growing family, the library shelves are in for the many books that will line the walls, and the change table is secured to the wall for quick safe diaper changes. Make no mistake this room is not for baby. The room is for Daddy and Mommy. I'm pretty confident the little girl will have no opinion about the decor. Perhaps later when then pictures embarrass her to no end. The colors seem to work and I think it will be a …

NIMBY Secondary Suites. How about we strive higher.

Recently our Mayor Nenshi, and Gerry Baxter, executive director of the Calgary Residential Rental Association were at odds when Gerry took offense to the mayor statement on a radio show that people are being gouged. Landlords were offended, but more importantly those landlords who have created an association were offended. I can probably say that it is likely that only a fraction of them are who the Mayor is talking about. Probably 90% of those same people (probably nearing 100%) are reaping the benefits of this economy. Before this confrontation I was had succumb to an ad on passing secondary suites on Facebook and I just had to get let my frustrations out.

As a city worker who gets to go into some of the worst offenders of improperly zoned rental units I have to say I am not a fan of allowing people to legally suggest they too open their doors to renters. I will probably always be against secondary suites. I understand the argument, but when it comes down where the tenant meets the…