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Put Feb 1 on your Calendar

We will be having a political forum at the hall from 12 pm to probably 3 pm on February 1, 2014. Why would you come to such an event? We are at an interesting point in our elections. Right in the middle of bargaining, our committee could look quite different in the months ahead.

Not only that but we have a really good election this year full of candidates that in the case of the President all have good reasons for running. The elections will ultimately be in the hands of the members through our mailing lists and as always if you don't receive your ballot let the Hall know. If you wish to cast a ballot on the election day either will be accepted.

I am excited to see the results, I am also excited to get out to the members. This week I will traverse another 4 corner journey to see if I can listen to the members, and re-post posters. With a City this large, I really do believe that using technology to our advantage will be the game changer in bringing the membership closer to the dec…

Council Meetings are Fun and Boring

If you click HERE you will be taken to the live webcast of meetings that are had of our Calgary Councilors. It is an amazing and boring process that you have to just see to believe.

I like to tune in about once or twice a week. I don't have time to watch all the time, but it shows what your councilors are doing before they go to the media. We see what words and questions are being asked and if your councilors are getting the process or just lost in the structure of Government.

I think we should all take the time to see what is going on at this level of Government, but also it allows us to keep understanding what our roles are at the Provincial and Federal levels of Canada.

Take a moment and see just how boring this looks, but realize how vital these conversations can be.

The vitality of my Calgary and your Calgary start with these Councilors and you need to know that if you are interested in something like this, you would be ready to file in if the time ever came.

Responsible Gove…