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Rogers Please Please Please....

It's official... I am buying an iPhone. Not because I want to. Because it is actually cheaper than going through an upgrade for my phone through Rogers. Which is nuts because in my old plan it is supposed to have a recovery for the last phone I purchased through them.

I thought that as the years progressed and the technology got better we would be paying less for our phone service. Turns out we are, just not for the data. Children now have cell plans and for all of these new phones we still get to pay more. You can upgrade and have Canada wide calling but throw in data and you have to pay. A lot.

I knew the corporation would wise up, I just did not think it would be so soon.

Rogers if I could leave you I would, I just can't find a deal anywhere worth leaving for. Trust me, when that day comes, I will yell from the roof tops. I will yell it. Hopefully you concentrate on your new NHL deal and start lowering your cell phone costs before its too late.

Please Mr. Rogers... learn fr…