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Why can I see actions to trigger war on Facebook?

People were lying on the ground, hands behind their backs and through the fear they must have felt while on the ground the last part of their lives as bullets passed through their skulls and bodies with resounding flurries of bullets from others masked cowards fired their weapons with such disregard for human life it made me sick to understand just how we got here. I can't breath.

ISIS is advertising on Facebook and for once in my life I am glad that you must be a certain age to have an account. Why are they doing these things, and why are they allowed to continue?

How did we get to this stage and not be affected by mass murder perpetrated by foes that seem to be on a cleansing cycle rivaling some of our most dark past history. It's information overload on steroids. No one needs to be killed in such fashion. Yet here it is on facebook.

To some extent I feel as if Iraq's own people can't take control of this why did the States go into the country in the first place. The…