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Mountain Equipment Co-op - Rock-solid Guarantee is still good.

If you have ever listened to "Under the Influence" on CBC radio you may have heard about business warranty, and their guarantees. Like most companies customer satisfaction is one of the areas that is very difficult to manage. The customer is always right is sometimes the farthest from the truth and the problems with word of mouth is that even the bad customers demand exceptional service. When it comes to MEC they have one of those guarantees that should bankrupt the bottom line. MEC has whats called a Rock-Solid Guarantee. It's simple, extraordinary and in today's market makes no sense from a business point of view. Even their US competitor REI has changed their guarantee to reflect the current market. Back in the day products made for MEC were made in Canada or in a plant where clothing could be given a closer look. Their newest policy sounds very good, but under scrutiny is only as strong as the country the product is produced. MEC is changing, and I suspected so i…

Nights Again.

On Nights you see so many polar opposites. Walked into a house where the homeowner bought rejected flats granite from the Bow Towers, and did a great job on his house floors. From the basement to the main floor. He has so much he would have been doing his garage if he didn't have some interested parties in the remnants. Imagine, Granite floors.... finished with discount slate from the floods. It shows ingenuity and how it can be a great marriage when properly thought out.

The day before we go into a house on the river where a landlord is squeezing every cent they can get out of the unit, without putting anything back into it. Illegal bathroom, kitchen and the guy has lived there for multiple years. Beside the obvious tax dollars the City could generate with legalizing these situations. I think we would suck every penny into enforcement officers.

I am still seeing new homeowners in problems I have dealt with years prior. Nothing is fixed, people just sell the problem to the next na…