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Bye Bye Big Beautiful TV

My Old Outdated Television.

I thought it was going to be hard to say goodbye to my window into the world of science, entertainment, my hard drive and well the world.

As the minutes turn into days I am at the point now of just hoping some kid who has some time on his hands would like to take the thing apart and see if it can run. My $100 OBO has turned into $2 firm. At least I can get a slurpee out the deal.

The 67" Television that I purchased from Costco without an Executive Membership (So stupid) was one of the bigger purchases in my life at the time. Along with my couches, these two items helped comfort my home in a time where I had very little to call my own. Being house poor I was single, and looking for a way to watch television, surf the net, and enjoy the home with a little style. I had figured out how to make a smart television before they were a thing, and had to price out really long HDMI cables when they were a bazillion dollars for just 3 feet.

For those who know me u…

Air Traffic is Noisy. - Letter to the Editor of the Calgary Herald

Your current news coverage of the new runway is like watching a bad rerun. I can tell you as a resident of the community of Vista Heights over the past 20+ years that the noise complaints from the new runway are not surprising. What I am surprised of is that it takes the planes flying over councilor Ray Jones house for him to ask the City if they can enact a bylaw to curb the air traffic during certain hours. If you look at Ward 5 you can see quite clearly see that the old flight path is in his territory (Ward 5). Your legal team can save some money with your research by just looking to our complaints from the Ward. Councilor Jones your answer is simple. The skies are Federal, we are Municipal and nothing can be done at our level. Please don't act like this is something new.

For the new residence, you will hear from the Airport Authority that new planes are quieter and that they have a line that you can call in order to register a complaint. The Airport will admit that older planes…

Birds and the Bees

Today my wife and I announced that we are expecting a baby in January 2015. We had been keeping a lid on the information until the prescribed amount of time had elapsed. Needless to say it didn't feel real for me until I saw the ultrasound.

Today it felt more tangable than ever before. As a guy I pretty much just continue on with life while Shauna uses her body to make another. Really does blow ones mind.

We are looking forward to the little one. I will be setting up a paypal account where you can send me money. Dig deap in those bank accounts. Apparently babies cost lots of money and quite frankly my million dollar idea is still in the planning stages. Some things just don't go as planned. While others do.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Dirty Rotten Washing Machine, that looks brand new. Inquires welcome.

Nice looking Washing Machine... Needs some work and a guy with the time to work on it. Must have a truck and ability to ship it out of my basement. Free after I purchase the replacement.

Seven years ago I made one of my first big purchases.... it was big at the time. I bought a washer and dryer set from the Brick. It was a huge cost and I thought I would get a good ten years from the purchase.

My dad got me a deal on a Maytag Netpune set and because of the savings I bought the 5 year warranty. Within the first month I had to get the dryer serviced, and from then on I have had no problems. Until this last week. My washing machine wouldn't pump water anymore. So like a text book do-it-yourself handy guy I dove in and followed the troubleshooting guide. Before I started I remembered something my Dad told me when I was a kid. He said "the problem with washing machines is that they cost more to fix than just buying another one". Over time I realized he was right. because even…