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Rogers Please Please Please....

It's official... I am buying an iPhone. Not because I want to. Because it is actually cheaper than going through an upgrade for my phone through Rogers. Which is nuts because in my old plan it is supposed to have a recovery for the last phone I purchased through them.

I thought that as the years progressed and the technology got better we would be paying less for our phone service. Turns out we are, just not for the data. Children now have cell plans and for all of these new phones we still get to pay more. You can upgrade and have Canada wide calling but throw in data and you have to pay. A lot.

I knew the corporation would wise up, I just did not think it would be so soon.

Rogers if I could leave you I would, I just can't find a deal anywhere worth leaving for. Trust me, when that day comes, I will yell from the roof tops. I will yell it. Hopefully you concentrate on your new NHL deal and start lowering your cell phone costs before its too late.

Please Mr. Rogers... learn fr…

It's a great time to have a baby in our house.

If you don't know yet I am about to be a father. I'm late in the game compared to my friends. It has turned out to be good for getting hand-me-down stuff. The baby room is almost complete. I am working on some of the shelving in our tiny closet. We are missing a carpet and oddly some little stickers that Ikea provided in their Ribba shelves but don't stock extras in store (a little depressing).

The room itself looks like it was designed with a baby in mind. We have a rocking chair that Mommy rocked in when she was a baby, a crib well used from my brothers growing family, the library shelves are in for the many books that will line the walls, and the change table is secured to the wall for quick safe diaper changes. Make no mistake this room is not for baby. The room is for Daddy and Mommy. I'm pretty confident the little girl will have no opinion about the decor. Perhaps later when then pictures embarrass her to no end. The colors seem to work and I think it will be a …

NIMBY Secondary Suites. How about we strive higher.

Recently our Mayor Nenshi, and Gerry Baxter, executive director of the Calgary Residential Rental Association were at odds when Gerry took offense to the mayor statement on a radio show that people are being gouged. Landlords were offended, but more importantly those landlords who have created an association were offended. I can probably say that it is likely that only a fraction of them are who the Mayor is talking about. Probably 90% of those same people (probably nearing 100%) are reaping the benefits of this economy. Before this confrontation I was had succumb to an ad on passing secondary suites on Facebook and I just had to get let my frustrations out.

As a city worker who gets to go into some of the worst offenders of improperly zoned rental units I have to say I am not a fan of allowing people to legally suggest they too open their doors to renters. I will probably always be against secondary suites. I understand the argument, but when it comes down where the tenant meets the…

Why can I see actions to trigger war on Facebook?

People were lying on the ground, hands behind their backs and through the fear they must have felt while on the ground the last part of their lives as bullets passed through their skulls and bodies with resounding flurries of bullets from others masked cowards fired their weapons with such disregard for human life it made me sick to understand just how we got here. I can't breath.

ISIS is advertising on Facebook and for once in my life I am glad that you must be a certain age to have an account. Why are they doing these things, and why are they allowed to continue?

How did we get to this stage and not be affected by mass murder perpetrated by foes that seem to be on a cleansing cycle rivaling some of our most dark past history. It's information overload on steroids. No one needs to be killed in such fashion. Yet here it is on facebook.

To some extent I feel as if Iraq's own people can't take control of this why did the States go into the country in the first place. The…

Mountain Equipment Co-op - Rock-solid Guarantee is still good.

If you have ever listened to "Under the Influence" on CBC radio you may have heard about business warranty, and their guarantees. Like most companies customer satisfaction is one of the areas that is very difficult to manage. The customer is always right is sometimes the farthest from the truth and the problems with word of mouth is that even the bad customers demand exceptional service. When it comes to MEC they have one of those guarantees that should bankrupt the bottom line. MEC has whats called a Rock-Solid Guarantee. It's simple, extraordinary and in today's market makes no sense from a business point of view. Even their US competitor REI has changed their guarantee to reflect the current market. Back in the day products made for MEC were made in Canada or in a plant where clothing could be given a closer look. Their newest policy sounds very good, but under scrutiny is only as strong as the country the product is produced. MEC is changing, and I suspected so i…

Nights Again.

On Nights you see so many polar opposites. Walked into a house where the homeowner bought rejected flats granite from the Bow Towers, and did a great job on his house floors. From the basement to the main floor. He has so much he would have been doing his garage if he didn't have some interested parties in the remnants. Imagine, Granite floors.... finished with discount slate from the floods. It shows ingenuity and how it can be a great marriage when properly thought out.

The day before we go into a house on the river where a landlord is squeezing every cent they can get out of the unit, without putting anything back into it. Illegal bathroom, kitchen and the guy has lived there for multiple years. Beside the obvious tax dollars the City could generate with legalizing these situations. I think we would suck every penny into enforcement officers.

I am still seeing new homeowners in problems I have dealt with years prior. Nothing is fixed, people just sell the problem to the next na…

Bye Bye Big Beautiful TV

My Old Outdated Television.

I thought it was going to be hard to say goodbye to my window into the world of science, entertainment, my hard drive and well the world.

As the minutes turn into days I am at the point now of just hoping some kid who has some time on his hands would like to take the thing apart and see if it can run. My $100 OBO has turned into $2 firm. At least I can get a slurpee out the deal.

The 67" Television that I purchased from Costco without an Executive Membership (So stupid) was one of the bigger purchases in my life at the time. Along with my couches, these two items helped comfort my home in a time where I had very little to call my own. Being house poor I was single, and looking for a way to watch television, surf the net, and enjoy the home with a little style. I had figured out how to make a smart television before they were a thing, and had to price out really long HDMI cables when they were a bazillion dollars for just 3 feet.

For those who know me u…

Air Traffic is Noisy. - Letter to the Editor of the Calgary Herald

Your current news coverage of the new runway is like watching a bad rerun. I can tell you as a resident of the community of Vista Heights over the past 20+ years that the noise complaints from the new runway are not surprising. What I am surprised of is that it takes the planes flying over councilor Ray Jones house for him to ask the City if they can enact a bylaw to curb the air traffic during certain hours. If you look at Ward 5 you can see quite clearly see that the old flight path is in his territory (Ward 5). Your legal team can save some money with your research by just looking to our complaints from the Ward. Councilor Jones your answer is simple. The skies are Federal, we are Municipal and nothing can be done at our level. Please don't act like this is something new.

For the new residence, you will hear from the Airport Authority that new planes are quieter and that they have a line that you can call in order to register a complaint. The Airport will admit that older planes…

Birds and the Bees

Today my wife and I announced that we are expecting a baby in January 2015. We had been keeping a lid on the information until the prescribed amount of time had elapsed. Needless to say it didn't feel real for me until I saw the ultrasound.

Today it felt more tangable than ever before. As a guy I pretty much just continue on with life while Shauna uses her body to make another. Really does blow ones mind.

We are looking forward to the little one. I will be setting up a paypal account where you can send me money. Dig deap in those bank accounts. Apparently babies cost lots of money and quite frankly my million dollar idea is still in the planning stages. Some things just don't go as planned. While others do.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Dirty Rotten Washing Machine, that looks brand new. Inquires welcome.

Nice looking Washing Machine... Needs some work and a guy with the time to work on it. Must have a truck and ability to ship it out of my basement. Free after I purchase the replacement.

Seven years ago I made one of my first big purchases.... it was big at the time. I bought a washer and dryer set from the Brick. It was a huge cost and I thought I would get a good ten years from the purchase.

My dad got me a deal on a Maytag Netpune set and because of the savings I bought the 5 year warranty. Within the first month I had to get the dryer serviced, and from then on I have had no problems. Until this last week. My washing machine wouldn't pump water anymore. So like a text book do-it-yourself handy guy I dove in and followed the troubleshooting guide. Before I started I remembered something my Dad told me when I was a kid. He said "the problem with washing machines is that they cost more to fix than just buying another one". Over time I realized he was right. because even…

Put Feb 1 on your Calendar

We will be having a political forum at the hall from 12 pm to probably 3 pm on February 1, 2014. Why would you come to such an event? We are at an interesting point in our elections. Right in the middle of bargaining, our committee could look quite different in the months ahead.

Not only that but we have a really good election this year full of candidates that in the case of the President all have good reasons for running. The elections will ultimately be in the hands of the members through our mailing lists and as always if you don't receive your ballot let the Hall know. If you wish to cast a ballot on the election day either will be accepted.

I am excited to see the results, I am also excited to get out to the members. This week I will traverse another 4 corner journey to see if I can listen to the members, and re-post posters. With a City this large, I really do believe that using technology to our advantage will be the game changer in bringing the membership closer to the dec…

Council Meetings are Fun and Boring

If you click HERE you will be taken to the live webcast of meetings that are had of our Calgary Councilors. It is an amazing and boring process that you have to just see to believe.

I like to tune in about once or twice a week. I don't have time to watch all the time, but it shows what your councilors are doing before they go to the media. We see what words and questions are being asked and if your councilors are getting the process or just lost in the structure of Government.

I think we should all take the time to see what is going on at this level of Government, but also it allows us to keep understanding what our roles are at the Provincial and Federal levels of Canada.

Take a moment and see just how boring this looks, but realize how vital these conversations can be.

The vitality of my Calgary and your Calgary start with these Councilors and you need to know that if you are interested in something like this, you would be ready to file in if the time ever came.

Responsible Gove…