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Worst case in safety is not a death, it's the absence of it.

I have been going over a scenario in my training that makes me wonder what is going on with safety in general. It has been a long journey for me in this world of safety. When I was in the field as a labourer, I thought about safety as a "common sense" kind of factor. I thought I knew what was safe and what wasn't. Being able to feel comfortable in a confined or restricted space has never been a problem for me. This continued for years, down the road. Call it luck or good fortune, but of the close calls I had and the people I hung around with allowed me to feel very safe. My crews understood that the way we worked we were "safe enough" and we watched out for each other. 

While all of this was going on, a book located in all of my foreman offices and shacks one day made it off the shelf and into my hands. OH&S Code was a particularly thick coiled book. Filled with legal terms, it outlined how specific scenarios were to play out. Some of it didn't come clos…