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Axing the Logo is a bad move MEC

Dear Wise Leadership on top of the Mountain,
I don't have any issue with the word MEC infact it brings warm thought to my mind. For the brands sake the mountain must stay. In my talks with a current employee the removal of the Mountain was quite clearly a mistake not worth making.

After hearing about the logo change I am unsure to even share this letter with you. Considering this is still a co-operative I thought I should voice my concern.
Your leadership team seems to want to shake up what works for the company. A brand built on many years of great products and a Rock Solid community of adventure loving Canadians. I am unsure if  your team is bored with life or if they are themselves having an identity crisis. Either way I am concerned the co-op is missing the point of what a brand means to the trust of those who buy from you.
I was listening to the radio and a representative was describing how MEC wanted to get away from the idea that they were just for the mountain crowd. My most h…

My watch is making me angry.

Just over a year ago I sponsored a kickstarter project. A watch that connected to my phone. I was overjoyed to be part of this project. Needless to say the company went from a few hundred watches to 85 thousand. I ended up buying two watches. One for myself and one for my brother as a wedding gift. Over the course of a year I was able to ascertain a few things. Don't pick an odd color, it sucks when the company starts selling to chains when the primary investors are not receiving product.

My brother chose grey, and I chose white. Which as it turns out was the last two colors to be produced. A few weeks ago I got an email that I have been waiting for for 12 months. And true to form, the weeks are turning into months where my shipment stays in limbo.

I am starting to get frustrated with this process. As an investor, it is a little perplexing to have secondary investors gaining access to a watch that sits pending in China. In the long run I am calm and with weather this storm. The so…