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Pebble Aggrivation

The link above is my sanity slowly slipping away. In the beginning it was a great graphic of what happens when people come together. Now it is a reminder of what can happen when a cog in the machine breaks down. The word from the company is that a color mold issue is a foot. It has been weeks of watching a flat line...

I purchased this watch as a present for my brother and I. 85,000 watches are to be made. With about 30,000 left to build my brothers watch and my watch are the colors set for the last run.

My patients is starting to wear thin. I along with many others are in the same boat. This is the price you pay for investing in start ups.

The killer in this is that many other companies are starting to go down this road. While I feel great to be part of a technological shift, I fear that the final product may be dwarfed by bigger corporations and deeper software developers.

So far from what I have seen, the watch is magnificent for what it is. I just …

New Position in a familiar space.

I had quite the month. After loosing the election for recording secretary for my local I was sent to Fort McMurray for the annual Alberta convention. While I was there it became evident that there would be an unlikely resignation by the treasurer. It created a situation where people who were running for the secretary position decided to run for a different position. This created a vacuum for a position that I unsuccessfully ran for in 2012. I was dumbfounded. Why was no one running for this position?

When I say running, what I mean is telling people they will putting there name forth. I ran incorrectly last year, which caused a humbling situation for me, for the next year and years to follow. One thing I have learned is mistakes and failures lead to lessons for the future. I am a better person for failing and have learned many life lessons in the process.

I wanted the secretary position. Much to chagrin of my wife who loathes the very title. My problem was that our Local was running t…