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Hockey Night in Canada

3,000,000,000 Reasons to have an NHL hockey season. Dollars that is. With the season half over we could cut that number in half.

So what does that mean for us mere consumers? Time to spend our money. One thing from capitalism is that when we want something the market provides it. When we don't the market takes it away.

Hockey is Canadian. Canadians like hockey, and some of the 400 million Americans enjoy the sport as well. Not to mention the various companies that rely on the sport and the corporations that buy the season tickets for their staff and CEO's. The television contracts, farm teams, and thousands of children that play the sport with hopes of one day being in the NHL.

I can't see the sport disappearing over this lockout. I say lockout because the distinction is of minor importance. The very wealthy owners locked out their employees, the wealthy hockey players. Perhaps we can learn from this, but for the most part I think we will file this incident under unfortuna…