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Cars, trucks, money.

I have this Honda Accord. It's from 1992 and I am a fan of it. Over the years I have had my troubles, but since I got the car for free. Putting money into it hasn't seemed so bad. Lately I was faced with a situation where my car was giving me trouble, yet the parts to repair the problems when labor was considered too much for me to bare. Turns out when I did the repair myself, and I considered downgrading the certified part, I could manage the issue. The experience was perplexing for me on a very different angle. I started to look at the auto industry in a whole new light.

My car is 21 years old. When Honda created it they did so with a level of Engineering that would make current car companies blush. They built an economically sound vehicle for the common car buyer. Still today, Honda's line of entry Civic and Accord's have much of their success on the earlier line as they are still on the road today. This is both good and bad for a car company. Good in that their rep…