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A New Beginning for the Both of Us

It has been far longer than I wish to admit. Today I saw my wife excited about work once again. Hopefully our employer will use her to the best of her abilities. It was nice to see her excited once again over a job. It has been a rough go. Her experience trumping her certification, she has time after time been accepting jobs that neither the company nor the humans hiring her could understand as qualities of a project coordinator. My fingers are crossed that my corporation will not drop the ball.
My wife will be working for the CIty of Calgary, and if that was not close enough she will be working for the same department and in one of the same buildings that I call home. While I will be concentrated on the lower levels, she will be situated up high in the stratosphere. I am excited for her. Not because we will be car pooling to work. No because after all is said and done, I do really like the City of Calgary.
On the other side of things, I have found that I am fat. Not obese, but in the o…

It's about Taxes.

There is a storm brewing, a capital verses social storm. Who will win?
Home builders have declared war on Nenshi or maybe it is the other way around. I got a secret to tell you. The estimated $4800 per house that the City spreads out to current property owners is more about freeing up tax money coming to the coffers than it is about affordable houses. This is a classic divide and conquer strategy concealed in a mayoral race. Instead of raising taxes to supplement home builders. Boil it down and you have to decide how you believe taxes are supposed to be used.

If you believe that new homes in new communities are somehow essential to your municipal tax structure then by all means the City taxes should be paying for sewer and water. FYI New infills in Calgary must pay for a new water and sewer hook ups to infrastructure that currently exists. If you think that home owners should pay a for the sewer and water just like they would be paying for cabinets and faucets, then you would believe…

Elections.... very slow start.

I don't like agreeing with the Calgary Sun, but in this case I must. I am in ward 5, and the political debate is really not a debate at all. The only candidate that is fairly in the know is the incumbent. The other two candidates for Councilor have a basic communication problem. One is not communicating with the easiest forms of social media (debates, online websites, twitter, etc), and the other has a very simple focused issue (Taxis) that really only covers only the surface of what the job entails.

Since the Catholic Trustee was acclaimed the surprise in my area is the Public trustee. The incumbent basically has a facebook page she started in 2011. It is filled with a timeline of events that she either thought was important to share or wanted to highlight to those who follow her. It is very powerful stuff considering that the other socially conscious candidate has a comprehensive sight complimenting his character. The issue I have is the lack of issues. No one seems to be highli…

Organizing My Life is a Lifelong Project

Every moment I work I feel like I am loosing two. This is a feeling that I just can't shake. All of the work that needs to get done and not enough of me to go around. If I was incredibly wealthy I would just hire it out, but alas my freedom 6/49 plan has not paid its dividends.
For me, I have a Garage that needs work, a basement to clean, a car to fix, a wife to attend to, a union movment that never stops, a work life that changes weekly, and my family. I feel sometimes like I should just stop sleeping... yet I like sleep so so much.
Do you ever feel like this?