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Chasing the City

I don't think my wife will ever really know how happy I am that she is raising money for the City Chase. Back when I first met her, she was doing this race that happens in the city ever year along with other cities across Canada. The City Chase is a fundraiser/race/business profile that appeals to teams that want to run all over the city in search of points of interest. To which later they all congratulate each other for another great year.

They raise money for a sports organization called "Right to Play".

Whether or not she reads this, I am pretty sure she still believes that I am half balking the idea of the City Chase. While it is true that I am more of a singular sport player, I do know the feeling of team sports and while this is a team race, I know that I have chosen a life that doesn't allow me to plan for races of this type. I know what I just said is a cop out but for me at this point in my life I have become so busy with things, it is hard to nail me down t…