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The Rob Ford Problem

Right now there is a fundraiser on Indiegogo. It is called rob-ford-crackstarter and with two days to go it may just raise the $200,000 they need to obtain a video allegedly showing the mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine. As of now they have raised over $174,000 dollars.

I am a big kickstarter fan, and I have invested in indiegogo projects. This fundraiser crosses a line for me. You have to ask what is the greater good here.

Is it better to pay a probable drug dealer citizen two hundred grand for a video that should be just released by wiki leaks and be done with the fall out. Or is it better to say don't give in to blackmail?

I don't think Indiegogo should be promoting a fundraiser that promotes the blackmail of another person. However if the video is real, I think people should know the type of person they are dealing with.

This crosses so many barriers for me. Should a political figure have a private life, and does the smoking of crack constitute a failure of Mayor Ford…

The house at the top of the hill.

We were called to upper Mount Royal and the house on the top of the hill was telling me one thing. Long push. We get to the top, the husband is not so happy to see us but directs us to the garage. His yellow Porsche hidden in the garage and his clean out exposed. The "plumber" and I use this term loosely was on site. He had augured 25 feet and pulled back roots. Understandable considering the location and state of the trees.

As we started setting up the wife came out of the house. At first I didn't know why she was so happy to see us. This very fit woman was wearing a low cut v-neck, summer skirt and high heels. I don't know women who wear this around the house so I can only assume she and her husband were planning to go out. She was way too happy to see us. Like I thought we had to put the extension on and we hit something near the property line. The plumber was trying to be helpful and they were happy when we cleared the line

Like most of our jobs the owners chat i…