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One World Futbol Project

Gremlins are gone.

My good old '92 Honda Accord had been making an annoying noise. For awhile my mind went to places where I would be changing belts. Over a few months (yes months) the noise was just not making sense. My mind started going through a set of troubleshooting steps. You see I am also in the midst of troubleshooting the cruise control and lack of horn in my little reliable car. Anyhoo I started thinking back to my exhaust system that was installed a little over a year ago.

Well today I confirmed it. Honda's have a heat shield over the catalytic converter. This heat shield was rusting away. 21 years of driving finally took its toll. So with the recommendation from my muffler shop today I undid the two remaining bolts holding what was left of the 4 bolt two round halves of metal. Gremlins gone.

On to the cruise control and horn. Then maybe watch for a nicer front bumper.

I need a few more years out of this great vehicle.