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Guess what, I'm famous.... almost.

Last holiday weekend I decided to create a tool box. Not just any tool box. I called it a "Stool Pail". I modeled it after my own personal experience with 5 gallon pails and a lid that I was turned on to when I was canoeing years ago. I got a hold of remnant products I had around the house, at work and I purchased a few items.

I made this product because the world hasn't enough sewer video consumers. The market makes steel tool boxes, and sells stools, but nothing in between. For years, the position of service video operator with the City of Calgary has been given great products to work with except when it comes to my tool pail. As operators, we need to get into the space with minimal trips to the vehicle, be able to reduce the products we bring into the home, as well as use the items in such a way that we don't magnify what we are doing. Which is invading your house with implements that clean your sewer pipes.

When you work in the sewers like I do you understand ger…