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Documenting the Weight Loss

Christmas is and has always been brutal on my caloric intake. 2012 was no different. Combine getting married, an ever changing schedule and what do I get. Fatter. I'm not obese, but man I feel bigger. I feel like I need to mobilize. I feel like it's time to get back to a more active lifestyle.

So I have made it my new years resolution. I will get slimmer and stronger by 2014. I don't want to fail this one, so I am going to make sure I stick to this.

I have restarted my workout routines. I will be incorporating a few in home fitness routines (Insanity, p90x), light runs, weight training, and some sporting events in a bid to release the extra weight I put on in the past few months and get back to feeling tight and agile.

I have everything I need. I have weights, a punching bag, a weighted vest, tracking technology, and drive. I must now make the necessary time. My hope is that I can get my workouts in during the morning, but I know through experience it will be through out t…

The Domain Game.

It took about ten years to do it but it has been done.

From now on you can find me here at

I am going to relish in the sunlight that is my name.

Merry Christmas to you all.

An Idea is worth a thousand peoples dollar.

Lately I am seeing products and ideas that "when I was a kid..." were ideas in my mind and minds of my friends. Wonderful ideas that make today a world of literal wonder. Recently I was introduced to a company that has an entire goal of making money bringing normal everyday people to normal everyday inventors, musicians, writers, cooks, or anyone that wants capital to do something.

Kickstarter is in my opinion is a great company model. No longer are people constrained by the question of capital. For a modest 5% take, the company encourages ideas to be broadcast to the internet. To date I have backed 12 projects ranging from $1 to $125, from technology to urban gardens. The potential is endless.
What I like most about this is that people are funding people, and expecting either nothing to a product to recognition. I can only guess that in today's market on the internet, the company will be looked at very closely by large groups for takeover. Hopefully this will not occur s…