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Today I like and dislike Apple

My Phone is working at 99% efficiency. Which is great. The 1% that isn't working is the calendar application. I have been erasing and restoring, and no amount of fidgeting will solve this issue. I will have to start from scratch and hope that the issue is remedied when I back it up again once it is working. All in all it isn't as bad as it could be. I could have had all my data lost. The compartmentalization of the applications protects me from complete frustration.

What drives me nuts is that most of my extraneous data that I thought would be safe... isn't. This means that all of my new contact data, photos, sms messages are all gone. To a better place I guess. I will be figuring out how to work around this issue for the next time. I still really like the Iphone. Just not this software glitch that ruined my calendar.

Time to start over. Again.

The off-white study room.

I'm sitting in an small room, tailored exactly the way I need it in order to get work done. I have a desk, a chair, a Murphy bed and an internet connection. I am embarking on a two week journey to understand unions in a more effective light. It was no small feat. To do this I had to participate in years of multiple labour schools, specific programs courses, be part of provincial and national bodies, get screened by my national as well as the congress, and get a series of motions passed to ensure my local was on financially on board. Not to mention the approved time off work, and the support of those around me. I am truly blessed to be at this stage because I understand how difficult and how special it is that I am here today. From what I understand with all of this in mind I still had a lot of room to advance my resume.

Which is why I am going to get back to my homework. As this College makes clear, the labour knowledge I have to absorb is quite immense. I am taking a break from …