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Some days my life feels like this picture. Standing in a line for something I don't really need. Coffee it seems has become a commodity we stand in line for. It used to be something we were served, something we brewed at home. Now we stand in lines hoping for a free donut, or as funny as it sounds another free coffee. I have become what I used to make fun of. I am a hippocrite coffee drinker.

The Dog House/Garage

I started thinking about my garage 5 years ago. I had never had access to a garage and the near idea of that space wasn't a priority. The convenience of storing my vehicle wasn't evident until Calgary had a really bad cold snap and with the wind my truck was frozen solid. Later I inherited a Honda and my shell of a garage was just enough cover to tide my engine by till the next morning. From then on I knew the value of a garage.

Fast forward to today. I am getting married, and my then garage just wouldn't cut it for my better half. Whether she would admit it or not the garage needed to be reno'd. I had just redone the roof the year before and I knew that if I was going to renovate the basement, I would need to have a workshop/car park area for logistics. The plan in my head was rough but it was good enough to start on my demolition. In September of 2011 I started the project by striping it down. The process had given me ideas that only now have started to see the light…


I made a mistake. I went above and beyond and it caused a week of sweat and money. I did it because that's what we do and hindsight is never immediately evident. In the end it turns out a freak bend into a service side line was the culprit but at the time I was not impressed with my decision. I personally struggle with trusting what people say vs. what I see. I know I struggle with this because my fiancee notices it whenever we talk. When I am at work I count on the information that is filtered through the system to help me do my job. More often then not I have to ask followup questions that lead me down another path. Today I trusted what I was told more than what I saw. I made a judgement and followed through, and by committing to that action, the consequences were quite apparent to all involved. It wasn't all my fault, but I do accept my role in the process.

I walked into a house about 1 minute before the restoration company walked in. The basement had flooded with sewage ab…