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iPhone and me

I did it. After years of putting the company down. I bought an iPhone. I had it out of the box working before I even knew how to use it. Was it easy... it was too easy. As I sit here reading the instruction manual all I can think about is what can't this little thing do? So far my favorite thing is that I can speak to text. I know this is only the tip of what this black phone can do. I am excited, and a little bit flustered that I didn't make the move sooner.

Note to self... don't forget your password.

pps. - you forgot your password didn't you...

Yesterday I blew up at the wrong person.

Firstly, this conversation is edited for privacy.

I have been getting tired over a simple delay. At first it made sense. Delays happen in life and we have to be patient. Yesterday I was faced with another delay and it was out of my hands. I have seen red a few times in my life, this time I could not hold back. I lost my cool. The problem, the wrong people were in the room. Now I must apologize.

I lost control and I still feel jittery a day later. I think it has to do with the fact that my face, my name, my endorsement is on the face of this project. I am going to be lumped into a thought that on paper will benefit the whole membership but will negatively affect many people but not near the majority of the union. I am a true believer that the labour movement is important. I think that proper pay for the work being done must first have a proper way of rating the work. With today's system it just isn't working. Should we all get the same rate, no that would not work, but it woul…

Why the City fails where it should shine.

If you don't know I work for the City of Calgary. I have been working for a department called Water Services. In the scheme of things my area in the company is quite well off. Because of this we thrive where other departments scrape by.

Bottom line departments need to work together. On everything. Perfect examples are when a road is paved and then the pipes are dug up before the asphalt is dry. Infrastructure in the city and the planning for it is highly complex. In some respects we have it down, but there is so much overlap in our departments, the city would be better served with the services shared than building in underused redundancies.

Lately the City of Calgary, along with many of the other Government agencies have been bombarded with people attacking the benefit structure of the City and other government agencies. They think that this is where the savings are to take place. True the bottom line will saved but on backs of the labour force that use those benefits as some of t…