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Ah Nights.

I always get the good citizens when I work nights. Which means nothing really bad happens to me at night. Till now.

Yesterday I did a record amount of calls all over the city. We did 14 calls. Which is pretty darn amazing. Granted one of those calls was a double request and another was an overlap, we traversed all of them. During our calls at night we leave our vehicle mounted spot lights on to light our work area. It's a safety thing and because people don't leave their lights on their porch it also acts as a tool to find the proper address.

So during a chat with my partner we were talking about how I don't ever get to see the crazy stuff that goes on at night. The weird or unruly customers that make life more difficult than it needs to be. He was telling me about a job he did where a neighbor had yelled out to our customer that we were here. Except he did it drunk and with defamatory language. I guess the guys ears were burning, because we went into that guys house who w…

Reflect on those whom you love.

I took a trip after Christmas to my fiancees second place out in Scottsdale, Arizona. Calgary was experiencing moderate temperatures, so the climate in the USA was comfortable and not so different to spring/summer in Calgary even though we were very close to Mexico. The temperature was close to 20 degrees Celsius and I was very comfortable and grateful to be in a warm climate.

The United States know how to sell stuff. Shauna was not kidding when she told me about the many stores in Phoenix. I walked through a mall that had spanned geographical areas that our malls would be jealous to build. I am talking massive. The spectacular thing is that the items for sale were discounted so much it was comical. How can items be 70% off? My guess is that we were shopping mostly outlet stores and it was right after Christmas. It is also because we were shopping at many of the Outlet stores.

In Calgary we have this store called Memory Express. The United States has Fry's. Memory Express is like …