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The super awesome bed that will create harmony in the universe.

Tomorrow the world will once again change for me. I will be considered a King from this week forward. A king with his queen who is unable to sleep in the latter. I love to sleep, I love to sleep next to Shauna and in order to do this the bed must be made larger.

I have slept in Kings before. On the road in hotels, the King is nice, large. In fact the idea of a King is a great one. I have been giving my wife the gears about it, but secretly I can see myself in the new bed. The only thing about this whole ordeal is her sleep. Sleep is something I learned to do at a very young age. Anywhere, anytime, I will get my rest. If this bed which arrives tomorrow is not the solution, I think I may just cry.

All that is left after tomorrow is the mattress. Unavailable from Ikea, we patiently wait. I wait and sleep, hoping one day in the near future so can she.

Update: The guys came by to deliver the bed. After about 8 allan bolts were forced into the threads, I suggested they give up. The wood also…