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Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cush

The most beautiful wedding that I have ever been a part of has occurred. As of Wednesday September 2012 I am lucky enough to say that I am now married to Shauna McClure or as I like to say Mrs. Cush. The wedding ceremony was short, and the evening was relaxing and well thought out. I would like to thank my wife, and her wedding coordinator Lena for organizing and dreaming a wedding fit for me and all who were able to come.

For those who could not make the wedding, I have included a video of the ceremony. The picture is really good, the sound is a little off but the winds and waves were only a few feet away.

The wedding was awesome, the food was great, the company was wonderful, the location was fabulous, the procession from start to finish was everything I could have hoped for. Thinking back on the process the only thing I would have changed was having more prime rib and I should have switched to a red wine instead of the white, because it my beef was savory and my wine was a little s…

The mandatory travel sleep.

Like clockwork, my second day into the trip was joined with the evening crash. I never can seem to kick the time difference when I travel. My eyes began to shut the moment I reclined in the chair and I can't really remember moving to my bed.

I can only suggest that my fiancee is running on some sort of new jet fuel energy substance as she has been able to stay up late and wake up early. I can not yet find her source of energy but I think it may have something to do with the pending wedding. Last time we were here I had her so busy after the first few days I wrecked her.

Yesterday was a great day of travelling and food purchasing. It is such a small world on the island. We have seen family members all day. I even drove by the pastor on the way home as he was watering his grass on his blue tooth.

The gang today is splitting up to do wedding errands and partake in some Maui fun. By mid morning our certificate will be purchased, we will be legally ready to tie that knot. I always feel…

6am - Sunday

Like clockwork, we are up before the sun. Wedding or not this is what we do in Maui. The place we are staying in is a two story condo. A gated style location that a few years back I road my parents bike to while touring Lahaina. The sun will shine on our location in about 30 minutes, so I am happy to see what is in store for us. The rental van is in pretty good condition. The van has a window switch that is not fully operating, and I have to figure out the cruise control. So far the trip to Maui has been one of the most comfortable I have ever been on. The flight was just long enough for 2.8 movies, the turbulence was minimal and the company was great.

Even with the 26 odd people on the flight in our party, we still had another bride on the plane. I am very blessed to have so many friends and family members who were able to join us here. I look forward to included everyone who wasn't able to come, to join us in Calgary for a shindig.

Wedding Week Starts

The planning is done, the wedding is in full momentum. Were all looking forward to it. So much to say but so little time before bedtime.

I am working on my thank you speech. As for everything else, it is all out my hands. My bride is ready to go, and very happy to be on vacation. My family is half there and half here with us. The plane will be about 25 people all going to our destination wedding. The next 7 days will be a whirlwind. What I do know is that everything is planned out, Shauna is looking beautiful and my life is about to change for the better.

I love Shauna, she loves me. I couldn't be any luckier.

Let the wedding week begin. Pictures are soon to follow. Thank you to all that have followed this moment. Shauna is wonderful and I am very lucky to have her.