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Moving on in.

In preparation for Shauna's big move to our place, I have been doing things to reduce the amount of stuff I have on hand. Last week I had a garage sale in which I, and Shauna and my brothers family all got together to sell stuff to the masses. We didn't have a ton of people come to the sale, but we did have a good time getting rid of furniture that would have just been in the way.

We sold almost everything for $1 and we made by my calculations almost made 200 bucks. However when I paid out Travis, and took out the float I had about $12 in profit. I can only think that I have misplaced some money in the house. Although I don't know how. After each day I would take out the float and replace the twenties and tens with five dollar bills. I took out the profit and replaced it with a new float. We kept track of every sale and I can't understand for the life of me where the rest of the profits went. The float was kept in a cabinet behind a door. The profits were kept undernea…

The Suit. The Shoes. The Shirts.

Today and tomorrow I will be getting the suit. A dark charcoal suit with pants and shoes for my wedding this September. The pictures are going to be superb, but the sweat is probably going to be monumental. I have already budgeted for 3 shirts. Maui is more of a linen, and shorts kind of location.

As the date approaches I have been slowly busy cleaning out my place. 6 years of bachelor life has brought me lots of trinkets, to which I must now vacate. The garage sale will be your everyday style event. Items will go for a dollar, in fact everything will go for denominations of a dollar. If the customers don't have change we will add trinkets to the sale. Everything else will then go to charities or the dump. I think Shauna thinks I won't be ready for her when she moves in, but I will be. After July 22, the major clean will commence.

Honestly I think it will be a little difficult in the beginning. She has lived a large percent of her life in many different areas. She knows what s…