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Amazing Election or Another Setback

This month we saw two parties that are pretty much identical duke it out through the media.

Then we had two smaller parties working together towards unseating the current government.

Then throw in some fringe parties and what do you get? Well you get an election.

What were we promised in the last months... a ton. What will we get... I guess we will see. It all depends on if we have a majority or minority government. Then it comes down to the current economy, where your elected politician lands in the priority of the house, and of course if the promises that were so easily spoken are kept when the time comes.

Elections are always interesting and we as Albertans are able to forgive and forget so fast. I think that the truth is we as citizens don't really understand our role in the politics of our government. We don't understand that the handful of issues we base our vote on are just so small in the grander scheme of things. I think that the way our politicians stand for our issu…