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Documenting the Weight Loss

Christmas is and has always been brutal on my caloric intake. 2012 was no different. Combine getting married, an ever changing schedule and what do I get. Fatter. I'm not obese, but man I feel bigger. I feel like I need to mobilize. I feel like it's time to get back to a more active lifestyle.

So I have made it my new years resolution. I will get slimmer and stronger by 2014. I don't want to fail this one, so I am going to make sure I stick to this.

I have restarted my workout routines. I will be incorporating a few in home fitness routines (Insanity, p90x), light runs, weight training, and some sporting events in a bid to release the extra weight I put on in the past few months and get back to feeling tight and agile.

I have everything I need. I have weights, a punching bag, a weighted vest, tracking technology, and drive. I must now make the necessary time. My hope is that I can get my workouts in during the morning, but I know through experience it will be through out t…

The Domain Game.

It took about ten years to do it but it has been done.

From now on you can find me here at

I am going to relish in the sunlight that is my name.

Merry Christmas to you all.

An Idea is worth a thousand peoples dollar.

Lately I am seeing products and ideas that "when I was a kid..." were ideas in my mind and minds of my friends. Wonderful ideas that make today a world of literal wonder. Recently I was introduced to a company that has an entire goal of making money bringing normal everyday people to normal everyday inventors, musicians, writers, cooks, or anyone that wants capital to do something.

Kickstarter is in my opinion is a great company model. No longer are people constrained by the question of capital. For a modest 5% take, the company encourages ideas to be broadcast to the internet. To date I have backed 12 projects ranging from $1 to $125, from technology to urban gardens. The potential is endless.
What I like most about this is that people are funding people, and expecting either nothing to a product to recognition. I can only guess that in today's market on the internet, the company will be looked at very closely by large groups for takeover. Hopefully this will not occur s…

James Bond Full Circle

One thing I love about the movies is when all the pieces come together without being obvious. Today I watched a bond movie do what I expected, and then without a stumble brought it back to what I remembered and cherished about the bond films.

Recently I thought about how much I loved the new villains, the dynamic women and the story lines. No more over the top henchmen, and no more quirky technology. Then it happened, it all started to make a whole heap of sense, it was beautiful. I had to pee, the theater was cold but it didn't matter. The movie had every moment it needed, and some recycled ones that it didn't but overall I feel that the franchise is better after this film.

Go see this movie. And don't drink anything.

The super awesome bed that will create harmony in the universe.

Tomorrow the world will once again change for me. I will be considered a King from this week forward. A king with his queen who is unable to sleep in the latter. I love to sleep, I love to sleep next to Shauna and in order to do this the bed must be made larger.

I have slept in Kings before. On the road in hotels, the King is nice, large. In fact the idea of a King is a great one. I have been giving my wife the gears about it, but secretly I can see myself in the new bed. The only thing about this whole ordeal is her sleep. Sleep is something I learned to do at a very young age. Anywhere, anytime, I will get my rest. If this bed which arrives tomorrow is not the solution, I think I may just cry.

All that is left after tomorrow is the mattress. Unavailable from Ikea, we patiently wait. I wait and sleep, hoping one day in the near future so can she.

Update: The guys came by to deliver the bed. After about 8 allan bolts were forced into the threads, I suggested they give up. The wood also…

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cush

The most beautiful wedding that I have ever been a part of has occurred. As of Wednesday September 2012 I am lucky enough to say that I am now married to Shauna McClure or as I like to say Mrs. Cush. The wedding ceremony was short, and the evening was relaxing and well thought out. I would like to thank my wife, and her wedding coordinator Lena for organizing and dreaming a wedding fit for me and all who were able to come.

For those who could not make the wedding, I have included a video of the ceremony. The picture is really good, the sound is a little off but the winds and waves were only a few feet away.

The wedding was awesome, the food was great, the company was wonderful, the location was fabulous, the procession from start to finish was everything I could have hoped for. Thinking back on the process the only thing I would have changed was having more prime rib and I should have switched to a red wine instead of the white, because it my beef was savory and my wine was a little s…

The mandatory travel sleep.

Like clockwork, my second day into the trip was joined with the evening crash. I never can seem to kick the time difference when I travel. My eyes began to shut the moment I reclined in the chair and I can't really remember moving to my bed.

I can only suggest that my fiancee is running on some sort of new jet fuel energy substance as she has been able to stay up late and wake up early. I can not yet find her source of energy but I think it may have something to do with the pending wedding. Last time we were here I had her so busy after the first few days I wrecked her.

Yesterday was a great day of travelling and food purchasing. It is such a small world on the island. We have seen family members all day. I even drove by the pastor on the way home as he was watering his grass on his blue tooth.

The gang today is splitting up to do wedding errands and partake in some Maui fun. By mid morning our certificate will be purchased, we will be legally ready to tie that knot. I always feel…

6am - Sunday

Like clockwork, we are up before the sun. Wedding or not this is what we do in Maui. The place we are staying in is a two story condo. A gated style location that a few years back I road my parents bike to while touring Lahaina. The sun will shine on our location in about 30 minutes, so I am happy to see what is in store for us. The rental van is in pretty good condition. The van has a window switch that is not fully operating, and I have to figure out the cruise control. So far the trip to Maui has been one of the most comfortable I have ever been on. The flight was just long enough for 2.8 movies, the turbulence was minimal and the company was great.

Even with the 26 odd people on the flight in our party, we still had another bride on the plane. I am very blessed to have so many friends and family members who were able to join us here. I look forward to included everyone who wasn't able to come, to join us in Calgary for a shindig.

Wedding Week Starts

The planning is done, the wedding is in full momentum. Were all looking forward to it. So much to say but so little time before bedtime.

I am working on my thank you speech. As for everything else, it is all out my hands. My bride is ready to go, and very happy to be on vacation. My family is half there and half here with us. The plane will be about 25 people all going to our destination wedding. The next 7 days will be a whirlwind. What I do know is that everything is planned out, Shauna is looking beautiful and my life is about to change for the better.

I love Shauna, she loves me. I couldn't be any luckier.

Let the wedding week begin. Pictures are soon to follow. Thank you to all that have followed this moment. Shauna is wonderful and I am very lucky to have her.

Moving on in.

In preparation for Shauna's big move to our place, I have been doing things to reduce the amount of stuff I have on hand. Last week I had a garage sale in which I, and Shauna and my brothers family all got together to sell stuff to the masses. We didn't have a ton of people come to the sale, but we did have a good time getting rid of furniture that would have just been in the way.

We sold almost everything for $1 and we made by my calculations almost made 200 bucks. However when I paid out Travis, and took out the float I had about $12 in profit. I can only think that I have misplaced some money in the house. Although I don't know how. After each day I would take out the float and replace the twenties and tens with five dollar bills. I took out the profit and replaced it with a new float. We kept track of every sale and I can't understand for the life of me where the rest of the profits went. The float was kept in a cabinet behind a door. The profits were kept undernea…

The Suit. The Shoes. The Shirts.

Today and tomorrow I will be getting the suit. A dark charcoal suit with pants and shoes for my wedding this September. The pictures are going to be superb, but the sweat is probably going to be monumental. I have already budgeted for 3 shirts. Maui is more of a linen, and shorts kind of location.

As the date approaches I have been slowly busy cleaning out my place. 6 years of bachelor life has brought me lots of trinkets, to which I must now vacate. The garage sale will be your everyday style event. Items will go for a dollar, in fact everything will go for denominations of a dollar. If the customers don't have change we will add trinkets to the sale. Everything else will then go to charities or the dump. I think Shauna thinks I won't be ready for her when she moves in, but I will be. After July 22, the major clean will commence.

Honestly I think it will be a little difficult in the beginning. She has lived a large percent of her life in many different areas. She knows what s…

Today I like and dislike Apple

My Phone is working at 99% efficiency. Which is great. The 1% that isn't working is the calendar application. I have been erasing and restoring, and no amount of fidgeting will solve this issue. I will have to start from scratch and hope that the issue is remedied when I back it up again once it is working. All in all it isn't as bad as it could be. I could have had all my data lost. The compartmentalization of the applications protects me from complete frustration.

What drives me nuts is that most of my extraneous data that I thought would be safe... isn't. This means that all of my new contact data, photos, sms messages are all gone. To a better place I guess. I will be figuring out how to work around this issue for the next time. I still really like the Iphone. Just not this software glitch that ruined my calendar.

Time to start over. Again.

The off-white study room.

I'm sitting in an small room, tailored exactly the way I need it in order to get work done. I have a desk, a chair, a Murphy bed and an internet connection. I am embarking on a two week journey to understand unions in a more effective light. It was no small feat. To do this I had to participate in years of multiple labour schools, specific programs courses, be part of provincial and national bodies, get screened by my national as well as the congress, and get a series of motions passed to ensure my local was on financially on board. Not to mention the approved time off work, and the support of those around me. I am truly blessed to be at this stage because I understand how difficult and how special it is that I am here today. From what I understand with all of this in mind I still had a lot of room to advance my resume.

Which is why I am going to get back to my homework. As this College makes clear, the labour knowledge I have to absorb is quite immense. I am taking a break from …

Amazing Election or Another Setback

This month we saw two parties that are pretty much identical duke it out through the media.

Then we had two smaller parties working together towards unseating the current government.

Then throw in some fringe parties and what do you get? Well you get an election.

What were we promised in the last months... a ton. What will we get... I guess we will see. It all depends on if we have a majority or minority government. Then it comes down to the current economy, where your elected politician lands in the priority of the house, and of course if the promises that were so easily spoken are kept when the time comes.

Elections are always interesting and we as Albertans are able to forgive and forget so fast. I think that the truth is we as citizens don't really understand our role in the politics of our government. We don't understand that the handful of issues we base our vote on are just so small in the grander scheme of things. I think that the way our politicians stand for our issu…


Some days my life feels like this picture. Standing in a line for something I don't really need. Coffee it seems has become a commodity we stand in line for. It used to be something we were served, something we brewed at home. Now we stand in lines hoping for a free donut, or as funny as it sounds another free coffee. I have become what I used to make fun of. I am a hippocrite coffee drinker.

The Dog House/Garage

I started thinking about my garage 5 years ago. I had never had access to a garage and the near idea of that space wasn't a priority. The convenience of storing my vehicle wasn't evident until Calgary had a really bad cold snap and with the wind my truck was frozen solid. Later I inherited a Honda and my shell of a garage was just enough cover to tide my engine by till the next morning. From then on I knew the value of a garage.

Fast forward to today. I am getting married, and my then garage just wouldn't cut it for my better half. Whether she would admit it or not the garage needed to be reno'd. I had just redone the roof the year before and I knew that if I was going to renovate the basement, I would need to have a workshop/car park area for logistics. The plan in my head was rough but it was good enough to start on my demolition. In September of 2011 I started the project by striping it down. The process had given me ideas that only now have started to see the light…


I made a mistake. I went above and beyond and it caused a week of sweat and money. I did it because that's what we do and hindsight is never immediately evident. In the end it turns out a freak bend into a service side line was the culprit but at the time I was not impressed with my decision. I personally struggle with trusting what people say vs. what I see. I know I struggle with this because my fiancee notices it whenever we talk. When I am at work I count on the information that is filtered through the system to help me do my job. More often then not I have to ask followup questions that lead me down another path. Today I trusted what I was told more than what I saw. I made a judgement and followed through, and by committing to that action, the consequences were quite apparent to all involved. It wasn't all my fault, but I do accept my role in the process.

I walked into a house about 1 minute before the restoration company walked in. The basement had flooded with sewage ab…

iPhone and me

I did it. After years of putting the company down. I bought an iPhone. I had it out of the box working before I even knew how to use it. Was it easy... it was too easy. As I sit here reading the instruction manual all I can think about is what can't this little thing do? So far my favorite thing is that I can speak to text. I know this is only the tip of what this black phone can do. I am excited, and a little bit flustered that I didn't make the move sooner.

Note to self... don't forget your password.

pps. - you forgot your password didn't you...

Yesterday I blew up at the wrong person.

Firstly, this conversation is edited for privacy.

I have been getting tired over a simple delay. At first it made sense. Delays happen in life and we have to be patient. Yesterday I was faced with another delay and it was out of my hands. I have seen red a few times in my life, this time I could not hold back. I lost my cool. The problem, the wrong people were in the room. Now I must apologize.

I lost control and I still feel jittery a day later. I think it has to do with the fact that my face, my name, my endorsement is on the face of this project. I am going to be lumped into a thought that on paper will benefit the whole membership but will negatively affect many people but not near the majority of the union. I am a true believer that the labour movement is important. I think that proper pay for the work being done must first have a proper way of rating the work. With today's system it just isn't working. Should we all get the same rate, no that would not work, but it woul…

Why the City fails where it should shine.

If you don't know I work for the City of Calgary. I have been working for a department called Water Services. In the scheme of things my area in the company is quite well off. Because of this we thrive where other departments scrape by.

Bottom line departments need to work together. On everything. Perfect examples are when a road is paved and then the pipes are dug up before the asphalt is dry. Infrastructure in the city and the planning for it is highly complex. In some respects we have it down, but there is so much overlap in our departments, the city would be better served with the services shared than building in underused redundancies.

Lately the City of Calgary, along with many of the other Government agencies have been bombarded with people attacking the benefit structure of the City and other government agencies. They think that this is where the savings are to take place. True the bottom line will saved but on backs of the labour force that use those benefits as some of t…

Ah Nights.

I always get the good citizens when I work nights. Which means nothing really bad happens to me at night. Till now.

Yesterday I did a record amount of calls all over the city. We did 14 calls. Which is pretty darn amazing. Granted one of those calls was a double request and another was an overlap, we traversed all of them. During our calls at night we leave our vehicle mounted spot lights on to light our work area. It's a safety thing and because people don't leave their lights on their porch it also acts as a tool to find the proper address.

So during a chat with my partner we were talking about how I don't ever get to see the crazy stuff that goes on at night. The weird or unruly customers that make life more difficult than it needs to be. He was telling me about a job he did where a neighbor had yelled out to our customer that we were here. Except he did it drunk and with defamatory language. I guess the guys ears were burning, because we went into that guys house who w…

Reflect on those whom you love.

I took a trip after Christmas to my fiancees second place out in Scottsdale, Arizona. Calgary was experiencing moderate temperatures, so the climate in the USA was comfortable and not so different to spring/summer in Calgary even though we were very close to Mexico. The temperature was close to 20 degrees Celsius and I was very comfortable and grateful to be in a warm climate.

The United States know how to sell stuff. Shauna was not kidding when she told me about the many stores in Phoenix. I walked through a mall that had spanned geographical areas that our malls would be jealous to build. I am talking massive. The spectacular thing is that the items for sale were discounted so much it was comical. How can items be 70% off? My guess is that we were shopping mostly outlet stores and it was right after Christmas. It is also because we were shopping at many of the Outlet stores.

In Calgary we have this store called Memory Express. The United States has Fry's. Memory Express is like …