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What a weird day... I may need to find a lawyer. Probably not.

Awhile ago I asked my Union if I could start a blog. They were hesitant at first but they wanted to just be aware that confidential information would not be placed on the web site. I agreed. The basis was that information needed to make its way to the members. The blog would not be advertised, and would be designed for the local members.

So 28 posts later, 380 page loads, 240 visits, and 184 of them were first time visits. Subtract all of the page loads from me, from different computers, my local executive from their different locations and you get a whole lot of no one. Not a lot of action on the blog until today. Something really odd happened today.

Today someone from my employer, made me a pone in something bigger. An entry that happened 7 days ago was today discovered by some city computers. What they discovered was an explanation about where we are in the current negotiations with the city. An explanation that had nothing out of the ordinary. Not one piece of information that wou…