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I want to understand politics...maybe money is the answer.

I think politics wants to understand me. The parties seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Right or left, each has qualities that fight each other. The messages though all seem to be similar. Blanket statements are simple and to the point, but politics is anything but. I have just under 2 weeks to find out where everyone stands and put my $1.75 where it counts.

Each party gets $1.75 per vote it receives from the public from our government. No matter which party wins every vote counts. It has brought an interesting idea to my mind. What if I created a party that asked people to vote with their wallets instead of just their morals. No votes by a group of people on behalf of people, no special interest groups, you can sell your votes if you wish but you must be the one who votes. Lets go a step further and allow people to vote with their paypal, credit card or local bank account. The catch is that they have to have a social security number, and be eligible to vote in an election.…