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Why not.

I don't want to scare my fiancee but my nose is bleeding again. This time it is the left nostril. I am sitting pretty writing this with my brain running through the 3 possible outcomes of what is happening. I don't want to panic because that would only make things worse. Sometimes I think my nose is like a broken water main. At first it is usually a small pit that breaks and allows the water to escape. Eventually the erosion of the water on the hole make the leak worse eventually carving out a substantially larger leak then before. In those cases the quicker the response the less damage is done.

I am running through a scenario. Pinch the nose, lean forward. If that doesn't work build a gauze dike  slow the blood and try to achieve a clot. Last step, engage the decongestant, and repeat pinching the nose.

This is where I want the process to stop. I can't help but flashback to all of the cauterization, and eventual balloon that will be stuffed into my nose. I would not lo…

The day the balloon went up my nose.

The video says it all.

I feel like I am in a bad dream.

I need to sleep, but when I sleep my nose bleeds. When I go to the clinic my nose 98% clots and they can't do anything for me. When I go to my surgeon nose doctor he fixes the problem for about 4 - 9 hours but my nose again hemorrhages. I have been asleep for 3 hour stints and I just can't see how much longer I can do this for without wondering if more surgery is the option. I have been burned with silver nitrate, supplied with cellular clotting agents, had my nose packed, but everything that has been tried has turned into more bleeding. I can't just catch a break.

The healing process needs for me to have some bleeding, but every time I stare into the toilet I wonder if maybe I am bleeding too much.

I have a cut or break or phantom bleed in the inside bottom of my right (if I am looking at you) nasal passage. This means that when I pinch my nose and lean forward my nose fills up with blood and it drains through my mouth or stomach for 30 min before it subsides for a few mi…