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Bloody noses and work.

Today I had my 3rd bloody nose in 3 days... which is funny because my nose has never felt better. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow just to see if something is wrong. Probably just the dry air. I have never had a bloody nose so to have 3 in the same amount of days is quite... annoying.

Truth is the whole day was a series of bloody noses. After writing a great test with a few questionable answers I started to wonder about my life with the City. The world I live in is constantly moving and I like it. The constant change is something that makes me keep loving what I do. Which is something that I believe assists the citizens as well as my coworkers. However sometimes things get lost in the cracks and today that crack showed itself.

For awhile it felt touch and go. I literally had moments of horrifying clarity where I saw myself telling my fiancee that I would not be joining her and her parents because the City couldn't spare my employ. It was awful but in all of this I kept my…

I can breath again... and other stuff.

I skinned a Caterpillar

For over a week now I have been held up in my house. To date I have gone through 3 tissue boxes and I was getting worried it would never cease. Yesterday my nose was running less than the day before but when I blew my nose I felt like something was flapping. I could not get it out no matter how I tried. Shauna had left for the evening and I decided to try a final snort of the night. The phlegm in my left nostril released and was in the back of my throat. After walking to the toilet I released the Luger. I can only describe what I saw as if I had scalped a Caterpillar in my mouth. The outer part was old mucous and the inner section looked like bloody veins. It was gross, but I could breath for the first time since the packing had come out. Today I tried for the right nostril... still nothing.

I could taste again, smell and enjoy food. In the next few days I hope to expel the other have of the Caterpillar, but for now it is still stuck.

So much Packing.

This was my most exciting surgery I have had in the last few years. I was unable to breathe for the last two years. For some reason I had my nose right nostril close up on me. Some would say that I had a traumatic event happen to my nose. I can't remember if it happened to me, but I can remember coming back from Hawaii and not being able to stand the pressure in my nose. It was so bad I had thought that I had a pinched nerve from a tooth filling. The truth was it was getting harder and harder to breathe. I had become accustomed to knowing where the nearest Kleenex box was. Today I was getting the packing out of my nose. Today I am looking forward to being able to breathe. Today I got my wish. I won't lie to you, the pain is different to anything I have experienced. I have little pain overall, but it does come in waves. I am not looking forward just sitting around, but I have found things to challenge my mind.
This was an interesting feeling to have gauze taken out. There was …

The Nose.

My day was pretty perfect. By the book. My mom dropped me off at the hospital and a few hours later I could feel a very weird pain. My nose was on fire. The outside felt normal, the inside did not. The drugs are helping and by tomorrow I feel that the gauze which will be coming out will allow me to feel like I have nostrils.

It is the sheer amount of oozing that I find uncomfortable. The stuffed gauze makes my nose constantly feel like it needs to evacuate the foreign product.

Day 9 of Movember

As you can see we are at day 9. The stash is developing. I am going to go have a surgery on my nose for which I have been waiting for the past two years to do.

I am excited to finally be able to breath.

Day 1 of Movember

I am excited. It has been a long time since I have jumped on board a fund raising campaign. Who should I ask, who should I target, should I strive to raise money, or raise awareness? Either way I am a little excited. I know that I do not look good with a stash.

Video will follow when the upload finishes.