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3.5 Hour Walk

My last day here in Hawaii. Three weeks went by so darn fast. My last thing to do, walk from the Maui Sands all the way to the end of Ka anapali Beach walk at the Hyatt. The walk was over 3 miles along the beach through all of the Hotels. It was a level hike. I finally ate a meal at Longboards, and I walked the sunset all the way to pitch black. I wish I had Shauna with me. It was the first time I had ever attempted to walk the whole way. In the past I stopped half way.

Tomorrow I am going home. I thought I would make a day out of it. Clean up, laundry, call people, lock up, and leisurely drive to the airport.

They have the worst slurpee machine here, and I am going to be glad to get back to Canadian slurpees. I mean the absolute worst. Comes out like a pressure washer, and is mostly air if your not careful.

I really enjoyed this time around in Maui. I was able to do so much and still relax. Here what most of my 21 days ended like. Well not most of them, but the weather was the best.

Recharging the old battery.

Yesterday I spent the evening watching the best sunset yet. It probably helped that I was neck deep in warm ocean water and the only cloud to speak of was along the horizon. My batteries were recharging and that is why I guess people come out here in the first place.

After waking up early to the man I like to call the "rooster" and once again going over in my head how I would help the "rooster" quite himself on the street <inside joke> I went over some email, phone messages and logged into the surf report. I have been putting off learning to surf because I don't want to upset the locals. The waters here right now are quite calm and I don't think I will get the waves I need to properly learn before I  go to the better location where the locals are sure to be. Seems like the procrastination was in my favor today. After checking my voice mail for the first time in two and a half weeks, I had a time sensitive message from home.

Today I made some new purch…