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The renovation of the Garage

I have a new tree. Seems a fitting addition to the back yard. A milestone of my engagement. I took out the close hanger and used the hole as my new tree location. Meanwhile in the back yard I am going to start making the garage into what it was meant for. Storing two cars. For the last 5 years I have had my one car or truck in the working bay and stored junk in the other. Having a garage is a wonderful thing. The vehicle is out of the elements, and I can change the oil and repair the bits that break.

For the last 5 years I have been saving, and spending. Each year saying I would do the garage, and each year spending money on something else. Last year it was the roof, and the year before that it was the fence. This year I am poised to finish the garage. In fact it is vital that I do so.

Being that I am engaged, and loving it I have a second vehicle which will be making its home here for at least a few years. That vehicle needs to be out of the elements, and the driver needs to be happy…


My friends it is official. I am engaged. After speaking formally to Shauna's parents and asking for their daughters hand and months of looking and finally getting custom rings made, I popped the question in Banff, Alberta.

Like many of you guys out there, I was not prepared for what knowledge and experience is required when looking for the proper ring. If you need advice, allow me to interject.

First thing first. Know what is important to her. Does she have any preferences in precious metals? Is there a birth stone that may be preferred to the traditional? Do local general stores sell what she is looking for? Do external stores? If so is it in your price range? Is their a time limit? What are your expectations? What is her size?

For me Shauna's birthstone is a diamond which is easy. She wanted white gold which again is easy. Her favorite color is aqua... which is not generally found in your local stores or is available for order. Also I wanted to get a ring that was made just …