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A mixed up moment.

For confidentiality reasons I will be speaking candidly, but coded. If this seems hard to follow, it is because I need to just say it in some sort of media out loud.

In my current position I have had honor and privilege to understand what every job does and how it fits into my union. With the process almost complete I have a very clear understanding of my local and what it does for the people of Calgary. In some instances a jobs description and job title match up correctly and some do not come close. In fact some have migrated close to leaving our unions jurisdiction. What can be more complex then jurisdiction? Getting people to let go of a position.

I must state off the top that I believe in this process. Job evaluation is important and needs to be done. The old system is not working for us anymore and a total re organization is unfortunately in order. Over the last 30+ years the system has been relying on contract wage increases spread on the whole system. The problem with that is a…