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Nose Job

I am two steps away from a permanent breath-right strip. According to my assessment I will be entering into a surgery that will involve a "submucous resection of nasal septum" and a "bilateral submucousal diatomic of nasal terbinates". In city worker speak I will be getting my septum straightened and some bumps shrunk.

It has only taken a few years of singling out that my septum was crooked. It took about 2 minutes for an "Otolaryngology" specialist to diagnose me. I feel a little mixed over the process. I visited my doctor multiple times, a walk-in clinic a few times, went through a few kinds of steroids (which I am still on) had an allergist confirm that I am allergic to grass (good to know) and then now my specialist is preparing to make my nose new again.

All I care about is being able to breath again. What troubles me is that the cause of my septum moving was from a blumt force trauma of some sort that I can't remember. Did I black out? Did somet…

The new year and already I have succombed to one resolution.

RESOLUTION 2011: Coffee without Cream and Sugar.

Simple, straightforward... doable. Or at least I thought I could drink regular plain coffee. The bitterness has proven to be more difficult to accept. I have not lasted 15 days. The only thing I can say is this resolution may be a goal I should be trying to achieve by 2012.

I want to connect this to another goal. A weight loss resolution would be just asking for failure. Perhaps resolutions are not my forte.