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Why not.

I don't want to scare my fiancee but my nose is bleeding again. This time it is the left nostril. I am sitting pretty writing this with my brain running through the 3 possible outcomes of what is happening. I don't want to panic because that would only make things worse. Sometimes I think my nose is like a broken water main. At first it is usually a small pit that breaks and allows the water to escape. Eventually the erosion of the water on the hole make the leak worse eventually carving out a substantially larger leak then before. In those cases the quicker the response the less damage is done.

I am running through a scenario. Pinch the nose, lean forward. If that doesn't work build a gauze dike  slow the blood and try to achieve a clot. Last step, engage the decongestant, and repeat pinching the nose.

This is where I want the process to stop. I can't help but flashback to all of the cauterization, and eventual balloon that will be stuffed into my nose. I would not lo…

The day the balloon went up my nose.

The video says it all.

I feel like I am in a bad dream.

I need to sleep, but when I sleep my nose bleeds. When I go to the clinic my nose 98% clots and they can't do anything for me. When I go to my surgeon nose doctor he fixes the problem for about 4 - 9 hours but my nose again hemorrhages. I have been asleep for 3 hour stints and I just can't see how much longer I can do this for without wondering if more surgery is the option. I have been burned with silver nitrate, supplied with cellular clotting agents, had my nose packed, but everything that has been tried has turned into more bleeding. I can't just catch a break.

The healing process needs for me to have some bleeding, but every time I stare into the toilet I wonder if maybe I am bleeding too much.

I have a cut or break or phantom bleed in the inside bottom of my right (if I am looking at you) nasal passage. This means that when I pinch my nose and lean forward my nose fills up with blood and it drains through my mouth or stomach for 30 min before it subsides for a few mi…

Bloody noses and work.

Today I had my 3rd bloody nose in 3 days... which is funny because my nose has never felt better. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow just to see if something is wrong. Probably just the dry air. I have never had a bloody nose so to have 3 in the same amount of days is quite... annoying.

Truth is the whole day was a series of bloody noses. After writing a great test with a few questionable answers I started to wonder about my life with the City. The world I live in is constantly moving and I like it. The constant change is something that makes me keep loving what I do. Which is something that I believe assists the citizens as well as my coworkers. However sometimes things get lost in the cracks and today that crack showed itself.

For awhile it felt touch and go. I literally had moments of horrifying clarity where I saw myself telling my fiancee that I would not be joining her and her parents because the City couldn't spare my employ. It was awful but in all of this I kept my…

I can breath again... and other stuff.

I skinned a Caterpillar

For over a week now I have been held up in my house. To date I have gone through 3 tissue boxes and I was getting worried it would never cease. Yesterday my nose was running less than the day before but when I blew my nose I felt like something was flapping. I could not get it out no matter how I tried. Shauna had left for the evening and I decided to try a final snort of the night. The phlegm in my left nostril released and was in the back of my throat. After walking to the toilet I released the Luger. I can only describe what I saw as if I had scalped a Caterpillar in my mouth. The outer part was old mucous and the inner section looked like bloody veins. It was gross, but I could breath for the first time since the packing had come out. Today I tried for the right nostril... still nothing.

I could taste again, smell and enjoy food. In the next few days I hope to expel the other have of the Caterpillar, but for now it is still stuck.

So much Packing.

This was my most exciting surgery I have had in the last few years. I was unable to breathe for the last two years. For some reason I had my nose right nostril close up on me. Some would say that I had a traumatic event happen to my nose. I can't remember if it happened to me, but I can remember coming back from Hawaii and not being able to stand the pressure in my nose. It was so bad I had thought that I had a pinched nerve from a tooth filling. The truth was it was getting harder and harder to breathe. I had become accustomed to knowing where the nearest Kleenex box was. Today I was getting the packing out of my nose. Today I am looking forward to being able to breathe. Today I got my wish. I won't lie to you, the pain is different to anything I have experienced. I have little pain overall, but it does come in waves. I am not looking forward just sitting around, but I have found things to challenge my mind.
This was an interesting feeling to have gauze taken out. There was …

The Nose.

My day was pretty perfect. By the book. My mom dropped me off at the hospital and a few hours later I could feel a very weird pain. My nose was on fire. The outside felt normal, the inside did not. The drugs are helping and by tomorrow I feel that the gauze which will be coming out will allow me to feel like I have nostrils.

It is the sheer amount of oozing that I find uncomfortable. The stuffed gauze makes my nose constantly feel like it needs to evacuate the foreign product.

Day 9 of Movember

As you can see we are at day 9. The stash is developing. I am going to go have a surgery on my nose for which I have been waiting for the past two years to do.

I am excited to finally be able to breath.

Day 1 of Movember

I am excited. It has been a long time since I have jumped on board a fund raising campaign. Who should I ask, who should I target, should I strive to raise money, or raise awareness? Either way I am a little excited. I know that I do not look good with a stash.

Video will follow when the upload finishes.

3.5 Hour Walk

My last day here in Hawaii. Three weeks went by so darn fast. My last thing to do, walk from the Maui Sands all the way to the end of Ka anapali Beach walk at the Hyatt. The walk was over 3 miles along the beach through all of the Hotels. It was a level hike. I finally ate a meal at Longboards, and I walked the sunset all the way to pitch black. I wish I had Shauna with me. It was the first time I had ever attempted to walk the whole way. In the past I stopped half way.

Tomorrow I am going home. I thought I would make a day out of it. Clean up, laundry, call people, lock up, and leisurely drive to the airport.

They have the worst slurpee machine here, and I am going to be glad to get back to Canadian slurpees. I mean the absolute worst. Comes out like a pressure washer, and is mostly air if your not careful.

I really enjoyed this time around in Maui. I was able to do so much and still relax. Here what most of my 21 days ended like. Well not most of them, but the weather was the best.

Recharging the old battery.

Yesterday I spent the evening watching the best sunset yet. It probably helped that I was neck deep in warm ocean water and the only cloud to speak of was along the horizon. My batteries were recharging and that is why I guess people come out here in the first place.

After waking up early to the man I like to call the "rooster" and once again going over in my head how I would help the "rooster" quite himself on the street <inside joke> I went over some email, phone messages and logged into the surf report. I have been putting off learning to surf because I don't want to upset the locals. The waters here right now are quite calm and I don't think I will get the waves I need to properly learn before I  go to the better location where the locals are sure to be. Seems like the procrastination was in my favor today. After checking my voice mail for the first time in two and a half weeks, I had a time sensitive message from home.

Today I made some new purch…

The really expensive toliet that is free to you an I... for now.

Months ago I went to the washroom in the nicest outdoor toilet ever. An electronic outhouse, that was basic and advanced all at the same time. The clenliness of the room was hospital like, the elevator music comforted me in my time of release.

You must visit this toliet if you are in the area! Tomkins Park and along the river in the new East Village.Your hard earned tax dollars could have gone to a port-o-potty, but it didn't. Yes it is very expensive, but I have to admit it sure is impressive.

I don't think the idea will stick, but if you don't act now you will never be able to say you peed in a shack that was about the cost of your condo. Try it!

The renovation of the Garage

I have a new tree. Seems a fitting addition to the back yard. A milestone of my engagement. I took out the close hanger and used the hole as my new tree location. Meanwhile in the back yard I am going to start making the garage into what it was meant for. Storing two cars. For the last 5 years I have had my one car or truck in the working bay and stored junk in the other. Having a garage is a wonderful thing. The vehicle is out of the elements, and I can change the oil and repair the bits that break.

For the last 5 years I have been saving, and spending. Each year saying I would do the garage, and each year spending money on something else. Last year it was the roof, and the year before that it was the fence. This year I am poised to finish the garage. In fact it is vital that I do so.

Being that I am engaged, and loving it I have a second vehicle which will be making its home here for at least a few years. That vehicle needs to be out of the elements, and the driver needs to be happy…


My friends it is official. I am engaged. After speaking formally to Shauna's parents and asking for their daughters hand and months of looking and finally getting custom rings made, I popped the question in Banff, Alberta.

Like many of you guys out there, I was not prepared for what knowledge and experience is required when looking for the proper ring. If you need advice, allow me to interject.

First thing first. Know what is important to her. Does she have any preferences in precious metals? Is there a birth stone that may be preferred to the traditional? Do local general stores sell what she is looking for? Do external stores? If so is it in your price range? Is their a time limit? What are your expectations? What is her size?

For me Shauna's birthstone is a diamond which is easy. She wanted white gold which again is easy. Her favorite color is aqua... which is not generally found in your local stores or is available for order. Also I wanted to get a ring that was made just …

What a weird day... I may need to find a lawyer. Probably not.

Awhile ago I asked my Union if I could start a blog. They were hesitant at first but they wanted to just be aware that confidential information would not be placed on the web site. I agreed. The basis was that information needed to make its way to the members. The blog would not be advertised, and would be designed for the local members.

So 28 posts later, 380 page loads, 240 visits, and 184 of them were first time visits. Subtract all of the page loads from me, from different computers, my local executive from their different locations and you get a whole lot of no one. Not a lot of action on the blog until today. Something really odd happened today.

Today someone from my employer, made me a pone in something bigger. An entry that happened 7 days ago was today discovered by some city computers. What they discovered was an explanation about where we are in the current negotiations with the city. An explanation that had nothing out of the ordinary. Not one piece of information that wou…

I want to understand politics...maybe money is the answer.

I think politics wants to understand me. The parties seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Right or left, each has qualities that fight each other. The messages though all seem to be similar. Blanket statements are simple and to the point, but politics is anything but. I have just under 2 weeks to find out where everyone stands and put my $1.75 where it counts.

Each party gets $1.75 per vote it receives from the public from our government. No matter which party wins every vote counts. It has brought an interesting idea to my mind. What if I created a party that asked people to vote with their wallets instead of just their morals. No votes by a group of people on behalf of people, no special interest groups, you can sell your votes if you wish but you must be the one who votes. Lets go a step further and allow people to vote with their paypal, credit card or local bank account. The catch is that they have to have a social security number, and be eligible to vote in an election.…

A mixed up moment.

For confidentiality reasons I will be speaking candidly, but coded. If this seems hard to follow, it is because I need to just say it in some sort of media out loud.

In my current position I have had honor and privilege to understand what every job does and how it fits into my union. With the process almost complete I have a very clear understanding of my local and what it does for the people of Calgary. In some instances a jobs description and job title match up correctly and some do not come close. In fact some have migrated close to leaving our unions jurisdiction. What can be more complex then jurisdiction? Getting people to let go of a position.

I must state off the top that I believe in this process. Job evaluation is important and needs to be done. The old system is not working for us anymore and a total re organization is unfortunately in order. Over the last 30+ years the system has been relying on contract wage increases spread on the whole system. The problem with that is a…

Nose Job

I am two steps away from a permanent breath-right strip. According to my assessment I will be entering into a surgery that will involve a "submucous resection of nasal septum" and a "bilateral submucousal diatomic of nasal terbinates". In city worker speak I will be getting my septum straightened and some bumps shrunk.

It has only taken a few years of singling out that my septum was crooked. It took about 2 minutes for an "Otolaryngology" specialist to diagnose me. I feel a little mixed over the process. I visited my doctor multiple times, a walk-in clinic a few times, went through a few kinds of steroids (which I am still on) had an allergist confirm that I am allergic to grass (good to know) and then now my specialist is preparing to make my nose new again.

All I care about is being able to breath again. What troubles me is that the cause of my septum moving was from a blumt force trauma of some sort that I can't remember. Did I black out? Did somet…

The new year and already I have succombed to one resolution.

RESOLUTION 2011: Coffee without Cream and Sugar.

Simple, straightforward... doable. Or at least I thought I could drink regular plain coffee. The bitterness has proven to be more difficult to accept. I have not lasted 15 days. The only thing I can say is this resolution may be a goal I should be trying to achieve by 2012.

I want to connect this to another goal. A weight loss resolution would be just asking for failure. Perhaps resolutions are not my forte.