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The roof, my job, my friends, a few weddings, vegas... anything else?

My god, what a few months. Seems like a dream, but my body tells me otherwise. After flying to Halifax for a wedding, spending a really good weekend with the brides family and the grooms, I have to say Halfaxians know how to party. Overall the wedding was full of late nights, early mornings, lots of laughs and plenty of good times.

Starting my roof was imperative this summer. The west and south sides were just about through their life cycle. Unfortunately I could not just replace those two sides. The whole project took 3 weeks. Garage first, then house. My back was worked almost to failure. If I had to do it again, I would change a few things, but overall, the project was a success and I am overall very happy with the project.

Also participated in my first woman/woman wedding. One of the women, a best friend. The other woman, a soon to be close friend (maybe even another best). I had no idea weddings could be so much fun. Kidding of course, I am finding that the more weddings I go to,…