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The price of a bad decision.

In the world of construction, time = money. That simple idea is not the whole picture, but much of the job is equal to the amount of time dedicated to the job.  When I am on a working many things can go wrong. Unforeseen things that cause hiccups in the job. We can't stop them, and we work around them. This is not one of those stories.

I have been working for a pretty great company for awhile now. Being a part of the machine can at times be a paralyzing experience. Teamwork is essential to making a project work; for my job there is no exception to the rule. Last week I was part of a massive failure in that system. A fluke set of instances almost solved the failures but in the end proved futile. The project was nothing new, all the people involved knew what had to be done, we just had one hitch. A small issue of having someone qualified to do a little section of work. Work that in rushed environment wouldn't take too long on the worst of days. With the threat of rain, and short…

The wonderous 2010

The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming. Life is grand. Why am I fighting a constant headache? I don't know but thank God for IB Profin.

My tool kit for this year is filling up fast. Hard to see the forest for the trees. This month is union solidarity month. Lots of information to cover, lots to fill my cup.

1716 Project is a go. Research is in the active stage, and volunteer labour forces are being searched out. Are you interested in a few days of hanging joists, stripping shingles replacing plywood sheeting, electrical, ditch digging and door installations? Contact me, I will organize the schedule.