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Aproaching a work hurdle...

I am in the water and it is calm. The water is warm, it is calm and in only a few hours, the place I feel very comfortable in will become a different less familar place. In a few hours I ask my peers to authorize a constitutional change I believe which will be for the better.

It could go the other way. My peers could see my actions as suspicious, overreaching, too radical or a stepping stone to drive a wedge deeper into my executive. None of these are what I want, desire, or hope for. My honest feel is I need more access than I currently get. I need to be able contact people. I have the passive communication, the online conversation down. All I need now is to talk to the locals... all I need is access to the lists...

Please God let me get more than 2/3 of the vote.

I will let you know.