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A piece of nice.

My dining room has a new light. Almost complete the chandler had some parts which needed replacing. My grandmother saved it from her now demolished house. Dust covered the metal and glass parts. The bulbs were burnt out, and a Plexiglas piece that I thought was its cheapest accessory has being replaced with a glass substitute.

I was given the light by my grandmother. The house where I enjoyed many meals and events had originally housed this gem which I now get to enjoy. Just over five years ago, I moved into this house, and I have always wanted this light over my head as I enjoyed meals, paid bills and played games. I finally will get that wish.

Cleaning it was methodical. Installing it was fulfilling. Turing it on was in a word magical. The light is warm, the room has a different feel. What a great addition. I will cherish it as long as it allows.