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The big big huge big mistake I played and what resulted.

A few weeks ago I was the catalyst for a headline news story. I played my role as the trusting, swamper. Most of the time in my job I usually catch weird things. For this job the odd item didn't surface till it was too late. The locate sheet that said where the gas main was, how big and of what material it was made of didn't ring any bells. The fact that there was an abandoned gas main, but didn't say where it was should have been so loud in my brain. Later on I would be advised that there was not one but two abandoned gas mains in the area.

When I saw the gas main expose itself from an undermined ditch, I did something I should start staying away from. I trusted the locate sheet a little too much and used the track hoe bucket to clear the top soil of dirt that was now pressing down on the gas main. It was also a line of sight issue and I didn't second guess myself. The problem was, as I guided the bucket teeth into the dirt, the steel gas main that I saw and stayed ov…

Walking away from POF

Recently, with the final help of my girlfriend I deleted the account that brought us together. Was it the easiest decision I have ever made? No. Was it the right thing to do. I hope so, but we'll see. Upfront the decision is about proving to my woman that I am not like all the other men that have been in her life. The guys that are always looking for something better. If you take a step back from the situation, there is something about this action that gives me pause. I think about what other thing I have to do to prove I am not those other guys. When does trust overcome doubt? The truth is always proving myself is tiring but it highlights a very important fact. Even with the most trust nothing is ever permanent or entitled. It is part of relationships to constantly vie for her attention and devotion. For this I am thankful.

I have this fear that right now I am doing all the conforming, but when the time comes for her to take a moment and calm my insecurities I will be seen as ove…