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A piece of nice.

My dining room has a new light. Almost complete the chandler had some parts which needed replacing. My grandmother saved it from her now demolished house. Dust covered the metal and glass parts. The bulbs were burnt out, and a Plexiglas piece that I thought was its cheapest accessory has being replaced with a glass substitute.

I was given the light by my grandmother. The house where I enjoyed many meals and events had originally housed this gem which I now get to enjoy. Just over five years ago, I moved into this house, and I have always wanted this light over my head as I enjoyed meals, paid bills and played games. I finally will get that wish.

Cleaning it was methodical. Installing it was fulfilling. Turing it on was in a word magical. The light is warm, the room has a different feel. What a great addition. I will cherish it as long as it allows.

The roof, my job, my friends, a few weddings, vegas... anything else?

My god, what a few months. Seems like a dream, but my body tells me otherwise. After flying to Halifax for a wedding, spending a really good weekend with the brides family and the grooms, I have to say Halfaxians know how to party. Overall the wedding was full of late nights, early mornings, lots of laughs and plenty of good times.

Starting my roof was imperative this summer. The west and south sides were just about through their life cycle. Unfortunately I could not just replace those two sides. The whole project took 3 weeks. Garage first, then house. My back was worked almost to failure. If I had to do it again, I would change a few things, but overall, the project was a success and I am overall very happy with the project.

Also participated in my first woman/woman wedding. One of the women, a best friend. The other woman, a soon to be close friend (maybe even another best). I had no idea weddings could be so much fun. Kidding of course, I am finding that the more weddings I go to,…

The big big huge big mistake I played and what resulted.

A few weeks ago I was the catalyst for a headline news story. I played my role as the trusting, swamper. Most of the time in my job I usually catch weird things. For this job the odd item didn't surface till it was too late. The locate sheet that said where the gas main was, how big and of what material it was made of didn't ring any bells. The fact that there was an abandoned gas main, but didn't say where it was should have been so loud in my brain. Later on I would be advised that there was not one but two abandoned gas mains in the area.

When I saw the gas main expose itself from an undermined ditch, I did something I should start staying away from. I trusted the locate sheet a little too much and used the track hoe bucket to clear the top soil of dirt that was now pressing down on the gas main. It was also a line of sight issue and I didn't second guess myself. The problem was, as I guided the bucket teeth into the dirt, the steel gas main that I saw and stayed ov…

Walking away from POF

Recently, with the final help of my girlfriend I deleted the account that brought us together. Was it the easiest decision I have ever made? No. Was it the right thing to do. I hope so, but we'll see. Upfront the decision is about proving to my woman that I am not like all the other men that have been in her life. The guys that are always looking for something better. If you take a step back from the situation, there is something about this action that gives me pause. I think about what other thing I have to do to prove I am not those other guys. When does trust overcome doubt? The truth is always proving myself is tiring but it highlights a very important fact. Even with the most trust nothing is ever permanent or entitled. It is part of relationships to constantly vie for her attention and devotion. For this I am thankful.

I have this fear that right now I am doing all the conforming, but when the time comes for her to take a moment and calm my insecurities I will be seen as ove…

The price of a bad decision.

In the world of construction, time = money. That simple idea is not the whole picture, but much of the job is equal to the amount of time dedicated to the job.  When I am on a working many things can go wrong. Unforeseen things that cause hiccups in the job. We can't stop them, and we work around them. This is not one of those stories.

I have been working for a pretty great company for awhile now. Being a part of the machine can at times be a paralyzing experience. Teamwork is essential to making a project work; for my job there is no exception to the rule. Last week I was part of a massive failure in that system. A fluke set of instances almost solved the failures but in the end proved futile. The project was nothing new, all the people involved knew what had to be done, we just had one hitch. A small issue of having someone qualified to do a little section of work. Work that in rushed environment wouldn't take too long on the worst of days. With the threat of rain, and short…

The wonderous 2010

The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming. Life is grand. Why am I fighting a constant headache? I don't know but thank God for IB Profin.

My tool kit for this year is filling up fast. Hard to see the forest for the trees. This month is union solidarity month. Lots of information to cover, lots to fill my cup.

1716 Project is a go. Research is in the active stage, and volunteer labour forces are being searched out. Are you interested in a few days of hanging joists, stripping shingles replacing plywood sheeting, electrical, ditch digging and door installations? Contact me, I will organize the schedule.

Wirlwind Tour

The last few weeks have had me at the whim of my union. My local had me at some meetings. My Province had me at their annual convention. I was in Montreal for a committee meeting with our national union. It was a really busy couple of weeks. Combine work and a whole lot of things piling up at home, learning about an interesting woman, and how could I forget my nieces first birthday.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. After this week, I am hoping for a slower more relaxed and normal couple of spring weeks.

Aproaching a work hurdle...

I am in the water and it is calm. The water is warm, it is calm and in only a few hours, the place I feel very comfortable in will become a different less familar place. In a few hours I ask my peers to authorize a constitutional change I believe which will be for the better.

It could go the other way. My peers could see my actions as suspicious, overreaching, too radical or a stepping stone to drive a wedge deeper into my executive. None of these are what I want, desire, or hope for. My honest feel is I need more access than I currently get. I need to be able contact people. I have the passive communication, the online conversation down. All I need now is to talk to the locals... all I need is access to the lists...

Please God let me get more than 2/3 of the vote.

I will let you know.

Some guys have all the luck...

I'm writing this watching house, sitting on a couch wondering what I could do to shake my cold. I am going to go to the doctors today. After a month of not being able to breath, then getting better, I am full circle and back under a blanket sneezing and leaking.

I have  a cold hiding in my nose. It won't get out. To make matters worse, I am engaging in  a new schedule at work that will get me very little time off.

I thought I should document the fact that my cold has officially interrupted my life and I want a solution immediately....

Do I sound a little snivel? Must be the cold.

7 Days of Change

My weekend started on Tuesday. Believe it or not I was looking forward to a change of the normal. We went to Morgans Pub with two good looking women. Alana, my counterpart was visiting from Vancouver. Good looking smart, sarcastic and deep big brown eyes. Her best friend who had been ready for some fun, brought Alana along. Alana is a gorgeous woman, and we had very little in common. I wished we did, but see seemed to be where I was at most of the time when I was going out with friends. Mainly stuck in a rut. At least thats what I thought. Could be she was just tired

I can never tell with women. Problem is my friend has opened my eyes to the world in which women inhabit and I can't get their thought processes at all. Women seem to have totally different value structures than I had anticipated. Tonight I didn't really care, I was out on a Tuesday night with my friend and by chance two very gorgeous woman were in our group. What could go wrong? At least one thing.

After a few hou…

Failed Test

I was eating at Earls. A 9 oz steak that was cooked perfectly rare. My nose plugging up as I ate. I knew the steak was good. The texture was awesome though. Anyways, I am working my way through a pretty great book on generocity and when I finished I managed to leave the bartender with a noble tip. However after my meal, while I was leaving a guy in the parking lot asked me for some spare change. I lied to him, told him I had none and I honestly felt guilty about it. I JUST READ A BOOK ON GIVING. I had not made any progress in my life! I liked the books themes but apparently learned nothing. It might take a bit of practice. Ya... thats it.

On to the next test. Maybe I'll squeek by. Maybe.
Banker Emily

Every year or two... I have had a meeting with my bank. You see when I was younger I needed to build my credit, and I was desperate to do it the most responsible way. So because I didn’t have any assists, or a credit card, and my bank wouldn’t give me credit, I had to put 120% in a GIC to guarantee the loan. My banks inability to grant me a credit card for all of my years of service was both a slap in my face and a great life lesson. I began to understand the importance of not using money I didn’t have.

The next few years I opened more GIC’s bought some RRSP’s and every now and then the time to reinvest comes up. In the beginning it was cute, then it was annoying and for awhile it was strangely very stressful. Why? The amounts of money I was investing, and the interest they were offering even if locked in was translating into $30 in profit. It was a joke for the full hour it took to go through the process. Compound this with the multitude of new faces, going through my bank…